YouTube says most of the disputed copyright claims are resolved in favor of the uploader

YouTube sheds more light on the tidal wave of copyright lawsuits it receives in its first copyright transparency report. He notes that more than 2.2 million (about 60 percent) disputed claims have been resolved in favor of the shipper, compared to just under 1.5 million in favor of the claimant.

Over 99 percent (722.7 million) of all copyright infringement claims between January and June came via Content ID, which automatically tracks YouTube due to potential copyright issues. Only 0.5 percent of them were challenged.

Other copyright claims have been submitted through web forms and the Copyright Match tool. YouTube says manual lawsuits are twice as likely to be challenged than automated ones. This suggests that creators may be more reluctant to complain about claiming Content ID, although most disputes are resolved in their favor.

Copyright owners may choose to delete a video that is deemed to infringe their rights, track viewership statistics, and / or receive the revenue it generates. Earlier this year, YouTube began offering creators a way to check for potential copyright infringement when they upload videos. The platform offers creators a way to remove parts of the video that are causing problems.

YouTubers have long criticized the way the platform handles copyright lawsuits, such as The Verge notes. They may lose money or even face a ban on their channel due to claims, many of which are obviously incorrect. While the report provides a better insight into how big the problems of copyright lawsuits are, YouTube acknowledges that “no system is perfect” and that “it is impossible for technology pairing to take into account complex legal considerations such as fair use or fair dealing.”

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