YouTube provides more opportunities to reach people who watch YouTube content on home TVs

YouTube wants to help advertisers increase the consumption of YouTube content on home TVs Video action campaigns to connected television (CTV) positions.

As YouTube explained:

“If your goal is to boost online sales or generate leads, we encourage you to do so Video action campaigns. Video action campaigns make it easy to effectively find new customers in one campaign by combining inventory from all YouTube and Google video partners – and now YouTube CTV. For the first time, performance advertisers can use YouTube on CTV to drive and measure conversions.

As you can see in the example above, Video action campaigns display the URL at the bottom of the screen, encouraging further action on the brand’s website. Which, given that people can’t click or touch a URL link on their TV, is one of the best ways to encourage a direct response – although it’s less ‘direct’ than the usual definition of the term.

Although the consumption of videos on mobile devices continues to grow, CTV ratings have also jumped sharply as more people want to watch online content on their home TVs.

Big players like Netflix and Disney + represent space, but more traditional web players like YouTube also benefit, with YouTube noting that more than 120 million people streamed YouTube or YouTube TV on their TV screens in December 2020 alone.

This is another change in consumption caused by the pandemic, and with more YouTube content appearing on larger, larger TV screens, the platform has worked to add more options to help advertisers reach this audience through prominent, dedicated CTV options.

The expansion of the Video Action campaign is the latest advancement in this, while YouTube also offers Masthead ads for CTV, and has improved ad targeting options specifically for CTV campaigns.

It’s a good addition that will be valuable for brands looking for a traditional TV-like ad placement. And as CTV consumption continues to grow, TV-like ads are becoming more accessible, with better targeting and more specific audience options for a better balance between cost and maximum efficiency.

Definitely worth considering – you can learn more about YouTube video campaigns here.

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