YouTube is testing new insights into engagement charts on videos, adding a new member confirmation feature

YouTube wants to help viewers find the most compelling elements of video clips, and is also launching a new feature to pay tribute to long-term subscribers during a live broadcast.

First of all, about engagement insights – as you can see in this example, YouTube’s new ‘Engagement Graph’, currently being tested with a small percentage of mobile and desktop users, will show the ups and downs in engagement activity when you go through the clip .

As YouTube explained:

We experiment with showing signals to viewers to help them quickly see which parts of the video might be interesting. If you’re in this experiment, you’ll see a graph above the red progress bar during scrubbing – if the graph is high, it means that part of the video has been watched again often. ”

It’s not the first platform to experiment with engagement insights to guide viewer behavior, and Facebook tested it for 2016 live videos as well.

Engagement chart on Facebook live

The difference in this case is that Facebook also used reactions and comments as a signal, which YouTube, based on the above description, did not. This could make it a more direct measure of content activity and help direct engagement based on direct interest, as opposed to, say, controversial aspects or engagement engagement activities.

Or maybe YouTube also uses comments and likes as a proxy and just didn’t explain it in detail, but based on this description it seems to be a direct view of the viewer’s clean response, which could help users find the most relevant, interesting parts of each clip.

In addition, YouTube is launching “Member Milestones,” which allow people who have been members of the channel for more than two months to send a special message during a live broadcast, celebrating how long they have been members.

YouTube milestone message

These messages will then be highlighted to the broadcaster, giving them the opportunity to pay tribute to long-term members and increase community engagement.

“Channel members can send one special featured message per month in live chat each month if they remain members.”

It’s another easy way to increase your community-building efforts, and for the biggest fans of each channel, that little act of recognition could greatly strengthen that relationship, helping them stay members longer.

Membership milestones were launched recently and are available to all channel members — which, it should be noted, are different from the channel’s ‘subscribers’, who are followers of non-paying channels.

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