YouTube is testing a new ‘Search Insights’ tool to help guide your efforts towards content

YouTube is working on a new insight feature for YouTube Studio that will provide information about what people are looking for in the app, both in terms of your channel and content, and for more general search queries.

Each element could be very valuable to your content planning. Called ‘Search Insights’, the new feature, which is currently in the testing phase, will eventually be available on your Analytics / Research tab and will come with two separate query research tabs.

The first tab will provide a list of what your channel viewers are looking for – that is. insight into what people who regularly watch your content are also looking for on YouTube.

As you can see here, the tab will provide insight into key topics of interest among your viewers, along with the total search volume of each of them and the amount of traffic your channel has collected based on each query.

You’ll also notice the ‘Content Gap’ tag – YouTube also adds the capacity to filter these lists based on search queries that don’t return a large number of matches. The idea is that by highlighting these queries, creators can then focus on creating content that is consistent with the searches not currently served by the videos available in the app, which could present new opportunities for your efforts.

On the second tab, ‘Search across YouTube’, you’ll be able to gain insight into the most common search queries based on any keyword – so if you want to know the most common ‘how-to’ searches on the platform, you can enter ‘how’ as a search term .

YouTube Search Insights

Narrow your list to ‘Content Gaps Only’, and the tool will then provide you with a list of some of the most sought-after ‘how-to’ terms not currently served by directly matched videos.

YouTube Search Insights

In this query, using ‘chromebook’ as a keyword query, these are the most common Chromebook-related searches that don’t have a direct correlation of YouTube videos, which could highlight new opportunities for your access.

It could be a very valuable tool, similar to Google’s Search Console and Google Trends, that provides a better insight into what drives traffic to your YouTube channel, an ad on how you can optimize your content efforts to keep up with these trends.

But it’s not live yet. YouTube says the new module is still in testing, and an expanded introduction is coming soon.

Definitely something to look forward to for YouTube marketers.

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