YouTube is showcasing new tools to help creators show the value of their brand promotion channel

YouTube wants to help more creators secure branded content offers through the new ‘MediaKit’ add-on in the YouTube studio, which will help them better formulate a presentation of their channel to potential in-app advertising partners.

As you can see in this screenshot, the new MediaKit display, which will soon be available via the BrandConnect card in the YouTube studio (for those who have signed up), will provide a shared summary of your channel’s audience and viewer statistics, including subscribers, unique viewers, average viewing time per clip and more. Channel managers will also be able to update their channel resume on this screen, which will not affect their public resume in the app.

The list will also include more detailed information about the audience, including demographics and audience interests.

YouTube MediaKit

Channel managers will also be able to select four highlighted videos to display on the screen, while previous paid partnerships will be highlighted on the list for additional reference.

This information will then be searchable by BrandConnect partner brands for potential offers with branded content, while channel managers will also be able to download the list in PDF, which they can then also pass on to potential partners.

It is a good add-on, which will help YouTubers better show the potential value of their brand promotion channels, which could help them secure more offers, while also giving brands more choice in terms of in-app ads placement, reach and insight. shopping.

Which is a huge added value for YouTube, especially considering the growing number of people watching YouTube content on their home TVs. More than 120 million people now watch YouTube content on their home TVs every month, which has seen an increase in interest during the pandemic, and YouTube can now effectively offer traditional TV commercial resonance, with far more advanced targeting and focus.

This means lower costs, which means that more companies can now justifiably consider an alternative form of TV advertising to promote their products and services. And with more creators citing more of this information, it further improves YouTube’s offering, and also, again, gives creators more opportunities to make more money from their YouTube clips.

YouTube says the new MediaKit option will be available to creators in the US, UK and Canada ‘in the next few months’.

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