YouTube is adding new updates to YouTube Studio, making it more compatible with the desktop version

YouTube has unveiled some new updates to its YouTube Studio mobile app, which will give creators more flexibility in managing their channels on the go, while making it easier to track performance on both desktop and mobile, as opposed to forcing channel managers to sign in to desktop device.

The biggest update is adding new search filters for comments, giving creators more ways to increase engagement through fan interaction.

As you can see here, at the top of the screen, new filters are available to search for comments on your channel.

These new filter options include:

  • Response status: have I already responded to this comment?
  • Contains question: does the comment contain a question?
  • Number of subscribers: does the commentator have at least a certain number of subscribers?
  • Subscriber status: is the commenter publicly subscribed to me?
  • Member status: is the commentator a channel member?
  • Search: Do some comments contain a specific word I want to search for?

This gives you much more capacity to respond to key comments from your mobile device, ensuring that they are processed in a timely manner, which could be of great benefit to those channels that receive a lot of comments.

YouTube has also added new analytics elements to the YouTube Studio app, bringing it more in line with the desktop version, including re-viewers, comparative views, and more.

YouTube Studio Update

YouTube says it will work in the future to make all metrics added to the desktop version of the app available on the mobile platform as well, ensuring greater parity and usability between them.

Mobile Studio users can also appeal decisions to monetize videos through the app, while more currency options have been added to the screen to help creators better understand their monetization progress.

You can find currency settings by tapping the channel icon in the upper right corner> Settings> Currency. Note: Changing your currency setting will apply to all users who have access to your channel, and will also apply Studio to your desktop and mobile app.

YouTube has also refreshed the Studio app icon, bringing it more in line with other YouTube apps, while also moving several feature cards to the new bottom bar, making them more accessible, as previously mentioned in the three-way feature menu.

As noted, the main focus, in general, is to ensure that desktop and mobile Studio apps stay tuned, ensuring that users can manage their YouTube presence while on the go. And with more and more people now managing their channels remotely, this should provide more work flexibility to ensure creators can make the most of their YouTube content.

And while many of these changes won’t look like ‘game changes’ that will change the way you manage your YouTube clips, cumulatively, they could have a big impact, providing optimal flexibility and usefulness through YouTube management tools.

You can read more about YouTube Studio updates here.

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