YouTube is adding new subtitle options, including an extension of automatic subtitles for live broadcasts

YouTube has announced some new developments in its video subtitling tools, which will make it easier for more channels to add title text to their videos.

First, YouTube says it is now creating automatic subtitles for live broadcasts, in English, available to all creators.

Until now, automatic subtitles were only available on channels with over 1,000 subscribers, and even then access was limited. Now YouTube is opening up the possibility to all streamers, giving creators more ways to increase the availability of their content.

Automatic live subtitles can be enabled in the YouTube studio via upload settings.

This will add another element to your streams, providing more ways to connect with different audiences and viewers. YouTube also notes that it plans to add additional languages ​​for automatic subtitles in the future.

YouTube is also expanding its capabilities to translate subtitles to mobile devices.

This option is currently available on the desktop, and users can translate available captions into other languages.

Subtitles subtitle on YouTube

That same capacity will soon be added to the mobile app, adding to viewers a greater capacity to consume content in their native language.

Lastly, YouTube also provides video transcripts for searching, allowing viewers to find specific segments of video clips based on the title text.

YouTube subtitles

According to YouTube:

“In searchable transcripts, users can view and search transcripts for the information that is most relevant to them. This allows them to find the most interesting information without watching the entire video. ”

This could provide more functionality in tracking key mentions and tracking specific snippet elements. YouTube also plans to introduce the same functionality into the mobile app in the future.

These are useful add-ons with functionality that could facilitate different uses and help improve wider accessibility.

You can learn more about YouTube subtitle updates here.

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