YouTube extends guidelines for comments and copyright disclosure, providing more channel management options

YouTube is testing a number of new features, within YouTube Studios and BrandConnect, that aim to provide more capacity to manage engagement on the channel and more options to help creators secure bids for branded content and monetize their efforts.

First on Channel Guidelines – Back in July, YouTube launched an initial test of its Channel Guidance filtering tool, which allows Channel managers set rules about the types of comments people can post below their snippets. This test is now being extended to more creators in the application.

As he explains YouTube:

“This feature allows creators to define up to three channel guidelines for video comments. Users need to read and accept these guidelines before commenting, and they are a good guide to what conversations you want to see on your channel. ”

As you can see here, in the settings of your YouTube studio, eligible channels can set up to three guidelines for comments, which viewers must then read before posting a response. This can provide greater transparency, while at the same time giving channel managers more room to enforce these rules, given that they are established in advance.

Comments on YouTube have long been a problematic element, leading to the complete removal of comments for some content categories, while YouTube also recently deactivated the number of public dislikes on all clips to downplay another potentially negative element in the process. This test is consistent with the same, providing another means to guide better interaction in the community.

YouTube notes that the process does not automatically hide or remove comments, but provides another means of communicating clearer parameters about what is acceptable and what is not.

As of this week, a wider range of creators will have access to the Channel Guidelines option in the YouTube studio, while the guidelines themselves will only be presented in the mobile app.

YouTube also wants to improve its brand-creator partnership tools, with a new one audience summary within the BrandConnect interface, which will make it easier for creators to place for brand offers using a custom media package and an updated “Paid product placement” confirmation box, which will be a mandatory step in the upload process for selected creators.

BrandConnect is YouTube’s creator marketplace, which connects brands and relevant creators for more effective video promotions. New elements, which are tested with a ‘small percentage of creators‘, could facilitate the provision of sponsored content and ensure compliance with the rules on disclosure of paid promotion.

YouTube is also testing a new channel member avatar view, with member profiles to be highlighted on the home page of the channel page in the mobile app.

View YouTube members

As you can see here, within the test, different variations of this new view will be shown to channel members and non-members. YouTube says the goal of this feature is to ‘celebrate members and publicly show their active community of members’ to encourage more people to join. Members’ avatars will rotate regularly to ensure that more members receive recognition.

Finally, YouTube also notes that access to a new content removal process has now been expanded that allows creators to automatically remove duplicate uploaded content they previously removed.

Enforcement of copyright on YouTube

According to this example, now, in the web removal form, creators will be able to check this box, which will then allow YouTube to detect and block future uploads of the same content. So if there’s something you’ve removed for legal or personal reasons, it should make it harder for other people to reload the duplicate and keep coming back to harass you on the site.

YouTube has also extended access to its Copyright Match tool to all users who have submitted a valid removal request. Copyright Match automatically scans YouTube for duplicate content compared to the one you uploaded and will alert you to potential matches across the platform.

A series of small but relevant updates, with different levels of functionality and value, depending on your approach.

You can learn more about the latest YouTube updates here.

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