YouTube adds option to reuse details from previous videos to simplify uploading, new mobile analytics

This could be helpful – YouTube today added a new option to the YouTube studio that allows users to reuse details from previous uploads for new uploads within the publishing process on the desktop.

As you can see here, the new option allows you to reuse:

  • Video title
  • Video description
  • Language settings
  • Permits for sampling short films
  • Select categories

This could save you a lot of time, especially for those who post regularly on the same topics or have to manually enter language options with each new post.

Of course, you probably won’t upload many videos with exactly the same title and description, but by copying the details, it could make it easier to quickly edit those details for similar content, without re-entering the same information for each video in the series.

You can access the new option in the ‘Details’ section of the upload stream, with the new ‘Reuse details’ option above the title field.

YouTube video upload progress

It’s actually quite similar to YouTube’s existing upload settings option, which you can use to apply the same settings to each of your clips, but this new variation gives you more control, with the ability to use different settings for each clip, while you can also customize your selection with with each shipment.

YouTube has announced an update among a number of new settings, including an updated ‘Membership’ tab in the YouTube studio and the addition of more analytics that was previously only available on the desktop mobile app.

YouTube Analytics

As you can see in these screenshots, users will now be able to access review performance over the past 28 days, weekly review performance, and monthly in-app performance statistics, providing more ways to stay on top of key measures via the mobile app.

The update is part of the platform’s ongoing efforts to bring desktop and mobile apps to parity, with all features ultimately set to be available on the go.

And while there may not be game-changing updates, as such, for those working to maximize their YouTube performance and uploading regularly, it could bring significant benefits.

Learn more about the latest YouTube updates here.

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