You should shake the phone angrily when the app breaks down

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Whenever an app on my iPhone doesn’t work, I often open and close it over and over again to try to bring it back to life. If that doesn’t work, I tend to stare at my device and try to annoy the imagined hole through it. Still, I’ve never been filled with “anger” because an app doesn’t work, much less forced to shake it to release that anger. Still, things are changing and I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

Instagram boss Adam Mosseri cheerfully announced a new feature of the “Rage Shake” platform on Twitter on Wednesday, which he says will allow users to report problems they have with the app with just one shake. Mosseri said anger shakes will help the company prioritize mistakes and other things that need to be fixed on Instagram.

“Have you ever used Instagram and it just didn’t work the way it should?” Moseri asked in his Twitter video. “Maybe Stories didn’t load, maybe the sound didn’t work, maybe you just couldn’t post a photo and that really caught you, really annoyed you?” So now, you can literally shake the phone and a small option will appear that allows you to report the problem. ”

In response to the questions above, yes, Instagram sometimes didn’t work for me. Sometimes it frustrated me. I wasn’t angry, but I opened another application, such as Instagram’s terrifying rival TikTok, or did something else, for example, to make a cup of tea.

In addition, Mosseri also introduced carousel deletion. He called this a “final function” or a function that users have wanted for some time and which should have existed earlier. Now, instead of deleting entire carousels because of one bad photo, Instagram will allow users to delete that photo “maybe you don’t like it anymore”.

All you have to do is click on the three dots on the top right of your carousel, click “edit” (no delete) and swipe to the photo you want to delete. From there, click the little delete button at the top left of that photo. Using this feature seems easy, although I can also see a lot of people (including me) accidentally deleting carousels by first clicking “delete”.

While I don’t think the ability to edit the carousel will cause any harm, I honestly worry about this new anger feature.

“Anger” is a strong word, which especially refers to “violent and uncontrolled anger”, according to Merriam-Webster. Therefore, encouraging users to shake their phones with rage can lead to unintentional accidents, such as a broken phone or an injured person. I’m not sure if any insurance company will buy the excuse “I broke my phone because Instagram told me to shake it with anger” (although I may be wrong, let me know in the comments). And God keep the poor person on the receiving side of your furious flying phone.

In the meantime, me really I doubt Instagram will buy you a new phone if you break it while shaking with rage, even though it was in the service of the company. I also doubt that the company will take care of possible medical bills for the person who was hit by your angry phone. Does that mean I think it’s a bad idea? No. That could actually be a good way to fix things faster. But the name “rage shake” only fills me with anxiety and a bit of fear.

All I can say is: Beware.

Instagram’s Rage feature is currently only available on iOS and Android in the US. Carousel Delete is available on iOS and will be coming to Android soon.

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