Yeon Sang-Ho is planning a third train for Busan film, in the end

The main characters of the movie Train to Busan, timidly walking down the wagon.

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When Train to Busan which appeared in cinemas in 2016, started in the way that there are several large projects from South Korea these days. With a passionate base of fans who both want more from that universe, but very no located for a remake, it is clear that the only way to reassure these fans is to continue. Fortunately, creator Yeon Sang-Ho he knows and recognizes that he has more to do with the world he created after last year pretty solid tracking Peninsula.

I’m talking to Diversity about his recently published supernatural drama Hellbound (based on WEBTOON comics by him and co-creator Choi Kyu-Seoka), Sang-Ho is not ready to devote himself to anything more, but at least he knows it will be another movie. Because of his agreement with Busan’s distributor of Next Entertainment World and the belief that TV cannot capture the spirit of movies, is sure to make a movie would be the best option for this new series. He is also pretty sure that he will have more of the spirit of that original film. “peninsula it was a post-apocalyptic film that focused on car chases, ”he said. “The story I think about after that would be closer Busan, where the story will take place in a small and limited space. ” He hopes that when the third film sees the light of day, they will all connect and connect with each other like a trilogy it is usually intended.

The greatest things they do against him are the enemies of all creatives: time and himself. “There are a lot of productions I’m working on right now,” he recalled. In addition Hellbound comic, that is possibly a second season could be in the pipeline, but he simply said it would require “further discussion” with Kyu-Seok and Netflix before anything is confirmed. Anyway, he knows he will too must change the way he manages all his projects in the future. “Until now, I was someone who was an individual creator. But these days, I’m thinking that maybe I need to come up with a system to really bring all my creative visions to life. ”

Hellbound is now published on Netflix, and Train to Busan i peninsula both are on Amazon.

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