Xiaomi is launching its own smart glasses, of course

Xiaomi presents a challenge for Facebook in the wearing arena by launching its own smart glasses. The device will not only be able to take photos, but also display messages and notifications, make calls, provide navigation and translate text in real time in front of your eyes. Like Facebook, Xiaomi also places emphasis on the lightness of the device despite its features. At 51 grams, however, it’s a little heavier than the Ray-Ban Stories social network. In addition, the glasses also have an indicator light that shows when a 5 megapixel camera is used.

Xiaomi’s smart glasses run a quad-core ARM processor and run on Android. They also use MicroLED recording technology, which is known for higher brightness and longer lifespan than OLED. The company says the technology has a simpler structure that has allowed it to create a compact screen with individual 4μm pixels. However, you won’t be able to see the images you capture in color – Xiaomi says it has opted to use a monochrome screen “to get enough light to pass through complex optical structures”.

The company explains:

“The grid structure engraved on the inner surface of the lens allows light to refract in a unique way, directing it safely into the human eye. The refraction process involves reflecting light beams countless times, allowing the human eye to see the full image, and greatly increasing usability during wear. it works inside a single lens, instead of using complex multiple lenses, mirrors or semi-mirrors as some other products do. “

His smart glasses will not be just another screen for your phone, according to Xiaomi. It is independently capable of many things, such as selecting the most important notifications to be displayed to you, including smart home alarms and important contact messages. The device’s navigation capability can display maps and directions before your eyes. It can also show you the number of those who are currently calling your phone, and you can receive a call using the built-in microphones and smart glasses speakers.

That microphone will also be able to pick up speech that Xiaomi’s proprietary translation algorithm can translate in real time. The “glasses translation feature” also works on written text, and the text in photos is taken with a camera. Unfortunately, the company has not yet announced the price or launch date of the glasses, but we will let you know.

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