[Working] 7 ways to fix an Android phone that doesn’t charge when plugged in

In the current scenario, the smartphone industry has undergone a huge evolution in charging speeds greater than 120 W. However, regardless of the charging speed, it is important that the phone is charged properly when plugged in. If it doesn’t charge, follow this quick troubleshooting article with 7 ways to fix Android phones not charging. However, if your phone is charging properly, but not fast, you can look at tips on how to fix a fast charge that doesn’t work on Android.

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7 ways to fix an Android phone that doesn’t charge

If you’ve noticed that your Android smartphone doesn’t charge even when plugged in, follow these simple ways to fix it.

Check your charging adapter

If your phone suddenly stops charging, the first thing you need to check is the charging adapter. Make sure it is it is not too hot or produces noise. Always make sure to charge the phone with the adapter that came with the device original packaging in a box. Avoid using any cheap chargers from unreliable brands and sources. You can also check out this 2-minute reading about getting the best fast chargers for Android and iPhone under 2000 Rs.

Make sure the charging cable is not damaged

The charging cable plays a significant role when it comes to charging your device. If your phone stops showing charging signs, check for signs bending, cutting or damage on the charging cable. Always be sure to use original and original charging cables to avoid damaging the device battery while charging. Avoid using a cheap and unreliable cable as it may supply too much or too little power to the phone resulting in damage to the entire device. If your phone is charged with a Type-C cable, you can check out this list for the top 5 USB-C cables.

Clean the charging port

If you use your Android smartphone for a very long time, it is possible that your charging port has accumulated dust or moisture. These dust / moisture particles do not allow the charging connector to attach to the cable head. As a result, the phone does not charge even when connected. To fix that, you have to do it clean the filling port with a microfiber cloth and dry its moisture. Check out this effective smartphone cleaning kit available on Amazon.

Check the charging ability using the Power Bank / Computer

If your phone does not charge via the supplied charging adapter, you must check that it is charging full power bank or not. You can also connect your phone to a computer to ensure that your device can be charged. In addition, see our list of recommended USB-C Power Bank for charging your device.

Restart / restart the device

If your Android smartphone still shows no signs of charging, you need to restart / restart your device. Follow these simple steps to restart your Android device.

  • Press and hold the power button 3-4 seconds until the Power Menu appears.
  • Touch Restart / Reboot to restart your device.

Start your phone in safe mode

Safe mode is an important feature offered by the Android operating system. Using this mode, you can easily fix and check any configuration incompatibilities and troubleshoot related issues. It is possible that an energy-consuming application or a third-party application is interfering with the charging process designed for the device. To resolve this issue, we can run the device in safe mode to avoid all third-party applications interfering with the launch of basic phone services such as charging. Follow these simple steps to do the same.

  • Long press the power button to display Power Menu.
  • Press the power button for 3-4 seconds until a pop-up window appears safe way appears.
  • Touch All right to restart the device in safe mode.

Update your phone to eliminate any errors

If your phone has any software errors, it may interfere with charging the device. To avoid and fix this problem, you need to check for software updates on your Android phone and install them on your device. Follow these simple steps to check and update your device software.

  • Open up Settings An application on your device.
  • Navigate to About the phone and open it.
  • Touch Check for updates and install if updates are available.

Wrapping Up

In this article, you learned 7 ways to fix Android phones not charging. If this article helped you successfully resolve this issue with your device, click the Like button. Also, share this with your friends to help them with their charging issues. Follow us for more useful articles like this.

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