Wonder what if Season 2 focuses on new characters, little stories

The CG versions of Drax the Destroyer and T’Challe of Star Master pose awkwardly for a photo.

Quieter What if? a moment with Drax and T’Chall, the Star-Lord.
Image: Disney +

While the first season is Marvel What if? turned from a simple anthological series of stories from alternative realities“Call them Marvel Non-C.”nematic universes, if you will — it has certainly become a giant, overbearing story of a group of heroes coming together to fight what looks like an omnipotent villain. It was fun, but for now it’s certainly familiar. Even though it’s the first season What if? concludes tomorrow at Disney +, we’re certainly interested in what the show’s creators have in mind next.

He’s talking Entertainment Weekly, lead writer AC Bradley says scripts for next season of the show have already been written, despite the fact that the first season is not yet officially over. Instead of building a new group “What If-vengers” to save various MNCsWe, they will “focus much more on the stories about the characters and these heroes and show their different side that people do not expect and we hope that we can connect with them.”

Bradley added: “Going into the second season, we’re sticking to anthological forms, and it’s going to be brand new stories, a lot of fun, new heroes and getting more out of the fourth phase than we obviously managed this season. Let’s hope we see hints Eternals and Shang-Chi and Black widow characters. Fun from What if …? is that we can explore the entire infinite multiverse, so we try to jump as far as we can. ”

Although it’s my favorite, the creators say they “hope” they’ll do something when they do clear you already know the answer (“God, I hope Kevin Feige will allow us to use a character from a Marvel movie that Disney owns so no permissions are required, and permission for the story was certainly given a few months ago, and the animation is probably already underway, but still cross your fingers!! ”), I like the idea What if? looking beyond the endless saga. And after big events like “Marvel Zombies”I„Let’s kill all the avengers”, We hear some small stories focused on characters in which neither the universe nor Tony Stark dies.

In the meantime, if you know what to hear, Dr. Strange was brutal goes die in “What if … Dr. Strange lost his heart instead of his hands? ”Go to EW by the end of the interview. What if? the first season ends tomorrow, October 6, at Disney +.

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