Wolfboy and the Factory of Everything will enchant kids who love cartoons [Apple TV+ review]

The latest Apple TV + children’s show, a joyful analog Wolfboy and the factory of everything, is a celebration of creativity. Will this be the first of Apple TV + children’s shows to resonate outside the subscriber base? Time will tell, but his heart is in the right place.

Wolfboy and the factory of everything review of the first season

Wolfboy will soon have his first day at school – the first day away from his mother – and he is worried about that. Mom says everything will be fine, but in a few minutes he is being bullied. He rushes into the field and finds a small reasonable cloud called Floof.

He thinks he found some unusual event, but it turns out that Floof is a class project Sprout the Spryte. Sprytes are a race of small creatures that live through a portal in another dimension called Factory Everything in the center of the Earth. The factory of everything is where all things are created before they are sent to the surface (hence the cloud-raising experiment).

Not interested in school in the real world, Wolfboy follows Sprout and his older sister Xandra into the world of Sprytes and tries to fit into them. Because once he tastes the unusual Factory of Everything, the colors of the rainbow, he wants less to return to the real world. He is allowed to stay, provided no one ever finds out he is a man in the Sprytes world.

Every pirate needs a ticket

Wolfboy and the factory of everything he has a lot of heart.
Photo: Apple TV +

The real problem with this show is that Joseph Gordon-Levitt — who, you may remember, just surrendered Mr. Corman, worst Apple TV + series so faris included. Wolfboy and the factory of everything created by Edward Jesse and Toff Mazery (whose work as a visual artist inspired the series). But Gordon-Levitt’s sensibility is strongly felt.

Obviously a feeling very really creative, JGL put its weight on this show, and it is in its own way just as performed as the abyss Mr. Corman. The animation is a cross between PBS-funded children’s shows Gordon-Levitt probably grew up watching (distorted lines of animation, the lovely British accent of star Kassian Akhtar) and the latest and most popular likes Steven Universe i Adventure Time.

Gordon-Levitt appears on the show expressing a kind of professor of wizards, but the voice he makes is obviously his best impression of Tom Kenny’s Ice King from Adventure Time.

All feelings

Wolfboy and the factory of everything is big on large feelings. (The first episode depends on an apocalyptic storm stopped by the almighty power of a boy’s embrace without self-awareness.) have feelings and cause anger and be depressed.

Yes, it is good that someone decided not to talk to the children. But presenting that idea anew, after completely saturating the landscape of children’s entertainment, is kind of condescending.

“Did you know it was okay to be upset?”

“Yeah, the last show just told us.”

Wolfboy also looks familiar

Also somewhat embarrassing, Wolfboy’s design is obviously derived from Steven Universe’s design – a red shirt with a gold item in the middle, dark hair, blue pants – to the extent that the show seems to dare to compare the two of them or silly kids who can’t take the remote because it’s on a table I can’t reach.

There are also worse crimes that a show can commit, but it’s still a bit embarrassing, especially when you think about the average budget for an Apple TV + show. If Gordon-Levitt could afford a rip-off Scott Pilgrim for his horrible male show, they could certainly have spent a little more money coming up with original animated characters.

However, if you can get through it all, Wolfboy and the factory of everything it can be a charming show.

Wolfboy and the factory of everything on Apple TV +

The whole first season Wolfboy and the factory of everything arrived on Apple TV + on September 24th. You can now broadcast all 10 episodes.

Rated: TV-Y7

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