With ‘Ghost Recon Frontline’, Ubisoft tries to cash in on the Battle Royale whim (again)

Remember Hyper Scape?? No? Well, obviously Ubisoft doesn’t work either. The publisher is working on a new battle that will take players to the Tom Clancy universe. The company announced on Tuesday Ghost Recon Frontline. Like many of his contemporaries, the free game title will pit you and two other teammates against more than a hundred other players.

If it is Call of Duty: Warzone comparisons they weren’t inevitable already, Frontline moves the series from the traditional third-person perspective to the first person. However, where Ubisoft’s Bucharest studio hopes to differentiate the game is by changing the battle royale formula. In Frontline’s Signing the way of the expedition, you and your team will have to find three pieces of information scattered on the map of the island. The bottom line is that you have to retrieve that data later by calling by air. Other teams can sit you down at this crucial moment and steal the data you’ve fought so hard to get to them. The playing space will also not shrink as the game progresses.

The latest release of the franchise, 2019 , was, to put it mildly, a disastrous release for Ubisoft. Thanks to the unfinished state, the game was so bad in the first week of availability that the company released all of its biggest releases for 2020. Then it patched up for months Breakpoint, but the game has never fully recovered from the reputation it gained at launch. Ubisoft said it plans to continue supporting Breakpoint during the work of Frontline.

Ubisoft did not share a release date for Ghost Recon Frontline, but it was said that a closed PC test would be held on October 14th to which people in selected countries across Europe can apply to participate by visiting the game’s website.

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