When your workstation is so clean, it “looks like a render” [Setups]

Many of the computer settings we make over the Internet seem gradual. They’re so perfect, well, you know – set up. They are proud of their impressive equipment. Some expose a spare beauty they would almost hate to upset. Others scream hardcore productivity like the fate of all companies in Fortune 500 companies rely solely on them.

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But we don’t remember someone with such an ideal look saying “it’s so clean it looks like plaster.” But someone said just that for a post about the Redditor marvin968 workstation, titled “MBA M1 Setup”.

We could point out a bit that the setting doesn’t necessarily look like it was skillfully designed by someone in a 3D rendering program, like some graphic artists we know who are trying to predict what Apple’s next product will look like. But it looks awfully nice, doesn’t it?

‘Looks like a render’

A bespoke desk and three square wooden panels “from an old bookshelf” mounted side by side on the wall behind the MacBook-based M1 MacBook Air setting contribute greatly to creating a modern museum-quality look.

The Marvin MBA is housed in a vertical laptop stand to the right of the 24-inch LG HD monitor. As one Redditor pointed out, it has it so that the Apple logo is upside down. If he thought Redditors suffering from CSOs would miss it, he expected one more thing. Of course, someone pointed this out as something that needs to be corrected.

Nice lighting, solid sound

Lighting also contributes to the sophisticated look of the setting. The Xiaomi light strip of approximately $ 40 illuminates the desktop in front of the screen in soft light and helps with eye strain. It also looks great. It also has a remote control — it’s a thing that looks like a hockey puck next to a mouse.

As for the mouse itself, Marvin has a Logitech MX Master 3 for Mac. The “for Mac” part here seems important, as several Redditors have talked about delays using a Logi mouse if they haven’t plugged it in via USB-C. Marvin, however, said he never had that problem.

An unusual touch — at least as far as the many, many settings we see — Marvin gets his sound in the room from the soundtrack. We are used to watching them more with TVs than with computer monitors.

Marvin’s is a Razer Leviathan soundtrack for games and movies. He said he has had it since 2015. It has Dolby 5.1 surround sound, Bluetooth with aptX technology for a wide dynamic range and a subwoofer for deep bass.

And of course, when it comes to settings they look creepy, whether it “looks like a render” or not, a lava lamp doesn’t hurt.

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