When you need another WFH zone, do it this way [Setups]

Blogger Basic Apple Guy, who we will call BAG, has been a fan of Apple since high school, when he convinced teachers that making iMovie on an iMac G3 teacher should fit into the curriculum. Now, decades later, BAG’s passion is alive. This was shown when he recently shared one of his computer settings, the “kitchen edition”.

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BAG, a health worker who deals with design on a daily basis, explained in a blog that both he and his wife work from home in a small apartment. With a main workspace that performs a fivefold duty – a guest room, gym, library, closet, home office – whichever partner has a planned work day with less engagement, they would rather work in the kitchen than in the office.

Given the main role of the kitchen table in life, “we wanted a setting that was easy to move and clean.” [and] we wanted a design that kept things pretty minimal and easy to pack at the end of the week, ”he said.

M1 Pro MacBook: ‘cornerstone’

BAG called the new 14-inch M1 Pro MacBook the “cornerstone” of the kitchen setting.

“While this Mac is more than superior to my 9 to 5 business needs, screen quality and improved camera are a significant improvement in quality of life as someone who can spend more than 7-8 hours a day on Zoom calls,” he said. “After I finish the day when MacBook Pro CPUs / GPUs will really shine during any design I do.”

As good as the new laptop is, the BAG stand on which the Mac sits on a setting called “MVP”.

“I’m in an age where a rough night can bend my neck for weeks, so I’m not in a position to gamble with my posture, especially if someone has to sit at a table all day,” he said. “Adding a stand that raises the center of the screen to eye level has worked wonders in relieving neck pain and improving my posture.”

He also loves what the stand stands on: the Satechi Eco-Leather Deskmate rug.

“It’s a beautiful shade of brown (similar to Apple’s Saddle Brown), thick and has great seams around the perimeter of the rug,” he said. “It feels far more premium than its $ 40 price suggests and offers ample space for my mouse and keyboard. No problem with skating. Five stars! ”

Workhorse iPad and perfect peripherals

BAG mentioned that the basic 9th generation iPad performs “a lot of difficulties” at home, stating that it is a music player, TV, cookbook, center for calendars and notes, and much more.

“If Apple ever intends to launch a HomePod-like device with an integrated screen, it will be difficult for it to take down this $ 329 iPad,” he warned.

When it comes to peripherals, we often hear about people choosing alternatives to Apple products, such as Keychron keyboards. But not here. BAG tested the Keychron K3 mechanical keyboard, but found that it could not type as fast or clean as it could on the Magic Keyboard.

“As the saying goes: you can’t teach an old dog with new keyboards,” he said.

AirPods Max ‘superfan’

If you read BAG’s post, you’ll see how much he adores his Sky Blue AirPods Max headphones.

“I like how they look, I like how they sound and I like their noise removal,” he said, calling himself a “super fan.” It really worked especially on the moon to cancel out the noise, which blocks interference while communicating with patients.

But what about comfort, the main point besides the high price that some critics emphasize?

“As for comfort, I can’t complain,” BAG said. “I wear them for an hour, but I prefer to give a break of 10-15 minutes whenever possible.”

He mentioned that he would probably like other headphones, like the AirPods Pro, but “he can’t stop falling in love with these AirPods Max to think about anything else.”

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