When it comes to Wi-Fi networks, sometimes it’s better to forget

It’s easy, especially on the go, to connect to a Wi-Fi network that doesn’t provide Internet access, requires credentials that you don’t have, or that don’t have access to a network printer. Unfortunately, once your iPhone, iPad, or Mac connects to such a network, they can later reconnect to it, causing astonishment when things don’t work out. The solution? Whenever you realize that Wi-Fi is worthless, forget about it. (Network, that is.) On your Mac, go to System Settings> Network> Wi-Fi> Advanced> Wi-Fi, select a network from the list (you don’t have to be connected to it), click on- and click Remove. On an iPhone or iPad, when connected to an attacking network, go to Settings> Wi-Fi, tap the button to the right of the current network, and tap Forget this network on the next screen.

(Featured image based on images from iStock.com/fizkes and Elena Pimukova)

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