What to expect from Apple’s 2022 AR / VR headphones

Apple could break into a new product category in 2022. The company will reportedly present its long-talked-about virtual reality and augmented reality headphones.

Over the years, Apple has profoundly changed the market for smartphones, tablets, smart watches and MP3 players, taking niche products into the mainstream. It is possible that they will do the same for VR / AR.

The wait for Apple VR / AR headphones could end in 2022

Details about potential VR / AR headphones have been leaking for many months. Apple is obviously developing something with state-of-the-art features, but not as large as its rivals, such as Meta Quest.

Apple’s first breakthrough into this product line will reportedly be a relatively thin, curved visor attached to the face over mesh materials, with interchangeable headbands. He could weigh only 0.33 pounds.

The device will reportedly have a pair of 4K micro-OLED screens – or maybe even 8K – and a chip that is on par with the Apple M1 in processing performance. Many types of sensors will detect the environment and movements of the wearer’s body.

All this will be necessary for launching top games, as well as for providing realistic virtual experiences. And compete with Matt, of course.

The headphones will reportedly offer virtual reality i augmented reality. AR overlaps computer-generated images or text with the real world. It is different from virtual reality, which completely replaces the real world.

Introduced in 2022

Although several advisors suggest that the Apple VR / AR headset will be introduced in 2022, it may not debut next year. In the past, when entering new product categories, the first entry came to customers months after the introduction. The best example is the Apple Watch, which was announced in September 2014, and was actually launched in April 2015.

The delay gives third-party developers time to write software for the product. And that will be necessary for the headphones.

It is possible that Apple’s VR / AR headphones will be the star of the World Developer Conference in 2022, but users will not arrive until later in the year, or even in 2023.

The device is expected to be very expensive. According to one source, it could be as high as $ 3,000. Others say it could cost $ 1,000. The name has yet to leak.

We look further ahead

While the headset will reportedly be Appleā€™s first market penetration, more products are on the way. Cupertino is also reportedly working on a pair of much thinner augmented reality glasses.

VR / AR headphones are intended for home use. Or on a construction site. AR glasses will be worn anywhere and will perform the same tasks as the Apple Watch, but more.

But all the technology needed to make this device as thin and light as it should be successful does not yet exist or is not commercially viable. So, it will not come out in 2022 – the wait could be extended until 2025.

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