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With the release of Intel ‘s new 12th Gen Core Processors has also received support for several new technologies. None is bigger than DDR5 memory. But what is DDR5 and how does it affect overall system performance?

What is DDR5?

DDR5 is simply 5th generation of DDR memory and natural evolution after DDR4. Basically, it’s newer, faster RAM. Bandwidth (speed) and density (RAM capacity per DIMM) have increased compared to the previous generation, while energy consumption has decreased.


With increased RAM bandwidth come higher default RAM speeds. Although higher speeds like 4133MHz were available for DDR4, 3200MHz was the highest available speed – all higher was factory overclocked. Higher DDR5 bandwidth means 4800MHz or even 5200MHz without overclocking. It’s a significant leap, but how can that translate to real-world performance? That answer depends on what exactly you are using your computer for.

In games, graphics cards are usually a bottleneck in performance, so modern processors and RAM upgrades usually only offer an incremental increase in frame rate. Check out this information from Tom’s.

What is DDR5

As you can see, the transition from DDR4-2133 to DDR5-6000 produces only a marginal FPS gain of about 8%. 3200 to 6000 was closer to 2%. It’s nothing, but it’s definitely not worth investing in a brand new platform.

The story changes somewhat with benchmarks relying more on RAM performance. Again, from Tom’s:

DDR5 benchmarks

Here we really see gains ranging from 10% from DDR4-3200 to DDR5-6000. Nothing spectacular, but still significant.

Trident DDR5 RAM

Which hardware supports DDR5?

Only 12 of this postth Gen Intel Core processors support DDR5, and only with specific Z690 chipset motherboards designed for that (yes, there are also DDR4 only Z690 boards just to confuse). Upcoming Intel and AMD processors to be released later this year will also support the new memory, so we’ll eventually start to see full DDR5 integration, just as we did with previous generations of memory.

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