What did you watch this weekend?

Spike Spiegel (John Cho), Jet Black (Mustafa Shakir) and Faye Valentine (Daniela Pineda) are walking down the alley with the dog Eina.

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With our newer open channels, we tried to keep the focus on a particular topic, be it a new Marvel movie (makes or in the end really), a horror series, what do you have. But since this weekend is especially crowded, it made sense to make it free for everyone.

You may have decided to see Ghostbusters: The Underworld? We thought it was the fourth part of a comedy-horror series pretty good until he leaves and reminds you that a Exorcists continued. Before it was released, it was a little difficult to read what the film was going to be, and the reactions to it seem to be all over the map: to some it was fun, force wakes upish nostalgia reboot, while others consider it the worst kind force wakes upA reboot out of nostalgia that even an assortment of clinical actors and beloved Carrie Coon can’t save. Or you may have decided to skip the blockbuster for fun in a B-movie in the form of Michael Jai White and Bruce Campbell Black Friday. Watching Ash and Black Dynamite team up to smash monstrous holiday shoppers (like normal holiday shoppers, but deliberately grotesque) sounds like a good way to spend an evening.

You may have decided to skip cinemas altogether and focus on some streaming. There were a few pretty good options, starting with the obvious one: tied to hell, a Korean horror drama about sinners who persecute supernatural beings and are doomed to hell. Or you, like me, have decided to unsubscribe Cowboy Bebop (not the original, which is also on Netflix) and understand that it is somehow bad, yes, but a fun kind that can give you a Venom or Jupiter Ascending? Did you get it Arcane,, which is really good and won the second season, or you followed Amazon’s “shouldn’t worc but surprisingly makes ”adaptation Wheel of Time books?

Well yeah, we had a lot of options this weekend, people. Or you didn’t watch anything and split the time in between Pokémon remakes and Hello Infinite beta? Let us know in the comments, just be sure to indicate what you are spoiling if you spoil something.

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