Wemo HomeKit smart plug uses Thread for fast, reliable connections

The Wemo Smart Plug with Thread offers simple and inexpensive home automation.
Photo: Wemo / Belkin

The Wemo Smart Plug with Thread simplifies controlling lamps, fans, and other appliances with an iPhone or Siri. Anything that plugs into a standard wall outlet can be turned on or off.

Rather than Wi-Fi, the HomeKit accessory communicates with other accessories over Thread, a mesh networking standard.

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Wemo Smart Plug with Thread offers plug-and-play home automation

The Wemo Smart Plug with Thread doesn’t have to be wired into a wall. All that’s necessary is to insert it into a wall socket. An iPhone, iPad or the Wemo Stage can then be used to turn on or off whatever electrical device is plugged into the accessory.

Apple’s Home application is used to activate / deactivate power, but also schedule times for the smart plug to turn itself on or off.

Wemo Smart Plug with Thread
The Wemo Smart Plug with Thread is small but capable.
Photo: Wemo / Belkin

Wemo embraces Thread

The latest Wemo device supports Thread, a wireless standard that enables the creation of a low-power mesh network connecting devices. Rather than each device having to communicate with a hub, they can communicate with each other to pass commands to the hub.

The HomePod mini supports Thread, as does the aforementioned Wemo Stage. In a homes without any other Thread accessories, the latest Wemo product uses Bluetooth. But those without a HomePod mini might prefer the Wi-Fi version instead.

The Wemo WiFi Smart Plug with Thread costs $ 24.99 on the Belkin website. It’s also available on Amazon.

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Wemo is a line of home-automation products from Belkin. Throughout 2022, Wemo will introduce new Thread-enabled versions of other popular products, including the Wemo Smart Light Switch and Wemo Smart Dimmer.

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