WellsFargo, TD Bank, Capital One Hit due to customer service disappearance

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Telephone system error it has prevented countless clients from calling their banks and other companies.

On Wednesday night, customers (including me) started contacting companies complaining that the customer service phone numbers listed on their website would not pass, returning the message “your call cannot be completed as dialed” or simply a busy signal. According to reports by Fr. social media and Google search activity, the break-up appears to have affected Capital One, TD Bank, Wells Fargo, Jet Blue and countless others.

Gizmodo tried to call customer service numbers from each of these companies and could not establish a connectione calls. However, it remains very unclear what exactly prevented customer service calls pass. In a Twitter DM with Capital One’s customer support department, a spokesman said the company had “technical difficulties with our call centers” and recommended that you try again in “2-4 hours”.

In an email, a spokesman for TD Bank said he confirmed the outage and said it was related to “toll-free number problems”.

“Telephone services at our U.S. customer contact centers have been temporarily affected by toll-free vendor issues,” a spokesman said. “We are working as quickly as possible to address this issue.”

We have contacted other companies for comments and more information and will update them when we receive responses.

At the same time, users reported widespread interruptions in Verizon, which may or may not be related to customer service interruptions affecting banks and other companies. We contacted Verizon regarding a possible connection with the interruptions in the work of other companies.

Based on user reports for DownDetector, the problem appears to have started on Wednesday around 7:30 p.m. ET. And the effect is incredibly frustrating for customers who urgently need to contact their bank to report fraud or for other emergencies.

This week was, if nothing else, a lesson about the fragility of our systems. At Monday, The entire Facebook network has crashed, taking Instagram and WhatsApp along with you. He eventually returned six hours later, much to the chagrin of the internet.

For now, it’s best to sit still and hope all of this is resolved sooner than Facebook disappears – and pray that anyone who tries to mess with your bank account will simply give up.

Update at 23:25 by ET: The problem seems to be being resolved, so calls to TD Bank and Capital One are now underway.

Additional report by Lucas Ropek

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