Wee standing desk and cute screens make the office in the UK easy to hide [Setups]

People often suffer from work-from-home situations where space comes first. Maybe they have a big house full of kids and pets. Maybe they live in a small studio in a big, expensive city. In both cases, sometimes the whole computer setting sits where they eat, and it has to disappear during dinner. Today’s setup has solved the problem by turning the dining table into an office that is easily stored in the UK.

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That’s what Redditor daxmillion did. He lives with his partner in a small apartment in London. Their solution? Make everything in the M1 MacBook Pro and M1 iPad Pro settings as small as possible and hide the whole thing whenever the dining table needs to fulfill its original purpose.

An office in the UK that is easy to hide: a small standing desk, small displays

Dax’s recent post, “The Standing Table Just Came,” describes just that with a setup that recently acquired the Aimezo permanent table – one small enough to sit on a round kitchen table in the corner of the room.

“It’s really a back savior,” Dax said he can stand while he works. “We have a small place in London, so this is my WFH setting on the dining table. I completely ruined it and put it off until 7pm so we could have dinner. ”

The main monitor is only 17.3 inches in size, the Cocobar UHD 4K screen stands on a stand next to the 12.9-inch M1 iPad Pro on the Yoobao tablet holder. These two high-quality screens don’t take up much space, especially with the M1 MacBook Pro placed vertically behind them on a stand.

Dax said he was nervous at first about buying a small monitor.

“I got it on Amazon. Expensive, but highly rated. I was super nervous about spending money and getting money, but it was really great. It is powered by USB-C, and also serves as a USB hub, ”he said.

The portable screen is ultra high definition and features FreeSync and High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology. It has a resolution of 3820 x 2160 pixels and USB-C, mini DP and HDMI connections.

A small table, a small monitor, an iPad as a second screen and adapters at right angles save space in a small London apartment.
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Satechi Slim X1 keyboard

The small display and MacBook Pro leave enough table space for other equipment. Satechi Slim X1 Bluetooth backlit keyboard with space for a magical trackpad on the side, for example.

Designed with Apple users in mind, the keyboard has a full QWERTY layout, Bluetooth connectivity for multiple devices, and function keys for MacOS — all in a compact size. The keys have a backlight, and the keib comes with a rechargeable USB-C port.

And there is free space for the Anker PowerConf S3 Bluetooth speakerphone.

Adapters at right angles

Another space-saving installation trick is low-profile adapters at right angles. They prevent the cables from looking like wild hair that springs from the sides of the device, helping to reduce the appearance of cable clutter. They can also help you place the equipment in a narrow space.

Dax uses them for USB-C and USB-C to USB-A connections between its MacBook Pro, iPad, monitor and Logitech webcam.

“They’re a dream,” Dax said. “I keep a few sets in my bag.”

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