Watch Yoko Kanno Jam Out for the new series

Yoko Kanno of Cowboy Bebop is seen in the rehearsal space conducting five musicians.

Yoko Kanno conducts his music Cowboy Bebop.
Picture: Netflix

If Yoko Kanno he did not return to write music for the new Netflix live adaptation Cowboy Bebop, it really wouldn’t be was the reason for it. Her score imbued with jazz practically defines Cowboy Bebop as much as Spike, Faye, Jet Black, ia combined. fortunately returned for this version, which debuts later this week, and a new video tells us all about it.

In the video, we see Kanno discussing his approach to returning to the world Bebop, how she worked differently this time, and we can see and hear her create something of what she calls a “groovy potluck party”. In a Netflix press release, mUsic supervisor and producer of the soundtrack album Thomas Golubić said: “This soundtrack represents the vision of Yoko Kanno and its unique magic. It’s Seatbelts, a jazz band in top form, playing from the heart under the direction of the maestro. ” So hey—3, 2, 1, let’s get stuck and watch the video.

There are some really cool little things in it, in addition to the pure joy of seeing Kanno conducting musicians, most of them wear shirts with the name of one of their songs on them (of course it is Tank”). One interesting note is that she uses only one-tenth again of the music she originally made for anime. also, she does not give her own themes to any of the characters, instead she prefers to write music based on the situation and emotions. It’s a great clip that gives you really, really high expectations from the show (unfortunately, doc our own Charles Pulliam-Moore admired the soundtrack in his review, the rest of the show didn’t go so well).

Ivery quickly you can decide for yourself: Cowboy Bebop as well as his soundtrack coming out on Friday.

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