Want to buy TikTok followers? Here’s what happens when you do

Thinking of buying TikTok followers? I count. In this world with instant gratification, of course, it is tempting to buy the metrics you want.

If we as a company have developed the technology to order a pizza with an emoticon on Twitter, why couldn’t I become TikTok famous at the touch of a button?

Organic growth is just needed so much time and you want a nice and juicy list of followers sadawwww!!

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TikTok has been downloaded more than two billion times and has 100 million active users in the United States. This is a place to see and be seen, but it is becoming an increasing challenge to stand out from the crowd or solidify as a powerful TikTok user.

So it’s no surprise that dozens of companies have appeared selling TikTok’s followers and likes – a shortcut to TikTok’s success would leave so many hours a day watching healthy families dance to “Blinding Lights.”

The question is: does it really work? Does buying TikTok followers really help your brand – or does it have the potential to do the opposite and damage the reputation of your social media?

Based on dozens of episodes Behind the music, our previous experiment on buying followers on Instagram and much of human history, we had a hidden suspicion that money, even on TikTok, could not buy happiness.

But, of course, there was only one way to know for sure. So I took my old credit card and went shopping for new TikTok followers. Let the great experiment begin!

How to Buy TikTok Followers |

It’s really not hard to buy TikTok followers. I didn’t have to hang around the dock at night, waiting to replace a suitcase full of money with some guy on a yacht. (But if I had necessary to do so, please let the record show that my pseudonym would be ‘Esmerelda Diamanté.’)

Instead, I just found the website that was least believed to steal my credit card information, selected a package that matched my needs, and clicked “buy.”

Followers began to appear within an hour.

Even though I knew it was fake, I still found it strangely exciting to watch my companion account jump into the sky. Maybe Tatianna3838 would fall in love with my content and we would become one he says friends! Anything was possible!

Author's TikTok account before and after purchasing TikTok followers

Where to buy TikTok followers

You can buy TikTok followers on various websites. Some look like sleek professional marketing resources; others are extremely stingy. But they all offer a range of packages, usually cheaper in quantity – the more followers you buy, the more affordable they are.

A few common options include TikFuel, TokMatik, StormLikes, Social-Viral, and Social Wick, but there are dozens and dozens of websites that offer almost the same thing: swapping your cold cash for a fleeting sense of popularity.

various pages of the website from which you can buy TikTok followers

For this experiment, I decided to “invest” in followers from two different sites, just in case one of the scams. I was treated to 2,500 followers from Tokmatik for $ 39.99, and another 1,000 followers from TikFuel at a bargain price of $ 16.47.

For all the mathematicians in the house, this managed to be less than $ 0.02 per new follower. Basically I couldn’t afford it no to!

confirmation of payment for "buy tiktok followers" with two different sites

How much does it cost to buy TikTok followers?

Prices vary depending on the source, but if you shorten the numbers from five random sites, you appear to pay an average of about $ 3.50 for 100 TikTok followers or about $ 21 for 1000 TikTok followers.

Website Price per 100 followers Price per 1,000 followers
TikFuel $ 2.47 $ 16.47
TokMatik $ 4.99 $ 26.99
StormLikes $ 4.39 $ 26.99
Social-Viral $ 4.39 $ 22.99
Social Wick $ 1.32 $ 13.19

There are also several subscription plans if you want continuous growth. With Managergram, for example, you can spend $ 49 a month for 1,000 “real” followers. This package also promises 200 views per video and 50+ likes for each post.

But gathering followers is one thing. In fact, success on social media is another. Even 3,500 followers, bought for a penny for a dollar, did nothing to help me become a TickTok sensation. Shameless, Tatianna3838!

Does buying TikTok followers work?

Buying 3,500 TikTok followers cost me $ 75 and was completely worthless.

Yes, by buying TikTok followers you have gained more TikTok followers. Because that’s literally what I paid for.

But that’s it.

Not surprisingly, buying TikTok followers does not create a large audience, no matter how revolutionary one’s content may be. My engagement was terribly horrible.

It turns out that paying foreigners in Latvia or wherever you press the subscription button doesn’t actually create a strong and loyal fan base. And forget about “likes” or “sharing” – it didn’t even translate into an increase in direct views.

For example, how did this video in which I juggle the toilet paper of the song “Tequila” get only 151 views? What kind of cold-hearted monsters did I hire to participate in this experiment ?! I want my money back!


♬ Tequila – champions

I didn’t have to deal with the stab of rejection for long. TikTok noticed pretty quickly that I was popular among the fake account community and sent me a kind message that my new followers would be in a hurry.

two messages from TikTok to the author's TikTok account o "followed by a reduction in inauthenticity"
So what a great lesson here, other than the fact that Tatianna3838 no be invited to my birthday party?

If your goal is yes build community,, increase reach future customers, make conversions,, increase traffic,, become viral, or spread your message to an interested audience – which is why any brand launches a social account at all – don’t bother buying followers. Just cut out the middleman and set fire to your money.

3 reasons not to buy TikTok followers

1. It will ruin your engagement rate and chances of you coming to the ForYou page

Not only will fake followers not give you likes or comments (and they will definitely will not do any duets), the huge difference between your number of followers and your engagement will look especially creepy.

This will imply to the TikTok algorithm that your content is probably not worth sharing in the For You feed, which will harm your ability to grow organically.

It’s better to have a smaller number of true, sincere fans who are obsessed with everything you do than a large number of followers who all just sit in silence. Quality over quantity!

2. It won’t take long

Although technically not in conflict with the terms of service, TikTok does I don’t want you to buy followers.

All social media platforms want real people who create and communicate with real content. Bots and payment accounts are not useful in building a fun network-oriented community ecosystem. So if your followers are marked as bots or fake, they will eventually be removed … which means you might just find yourself buying friends again.

3. Don’t fool anyone

You may have thought that a large juicy number above a “follower” would impress someone – your other fans, your competitors, the brands you want to work with – but the reality is that this trick only works for a few seconds.

Any semi-experienced social media user will quickly conclude that your popularity is fake. I mean, just look at my list. More people are called “Tick Toker”. Suspicious lack of profile pictures. Notes from TikTok saying they were removed due to suspicious activity.

All things that will be quite difficult to explain to a potential partner or potential client. Arrested.

called a fake TikTok account "Only Toker" no profile picture

What to do instead of buying TikTok followers

There are so many better ways to build your TickTok tracking, and none of them involve shopping.

Authentic, organic growth comes from great content, strategic publishing schedules, and digging into analytics to get to know your audience at every level.

Yes, it will take time, creativity and probably a little sweat (just me?), But the results are real blue followers who love you for you, not just your money. As the great philosopher (J.Lo) once said, “Love costs nothing.”

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work? Here’s our complete guide to gaining followers on TikTok in the right way.

Bonus: Download free 10-day reels challenge,, a daily workbook of creative queries to help you get started with Instagram Reels, track your growth and see results across your entire Instagram profile.

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