Venom’s Andy Serkis breaks the post-credit sequel scene

Poster Venom: Let there be a massacre in which Venom jumps towards the viewer.

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Venom: Let there be a massacre has a scene with medium credits, and that’s a pretty big deal. Continuation of 2018 surprise hit superhero with Tom Hardy and Tom Hardy in the lead roles, but with a slightly deeper voice, he swings strongly with his sequel to the bait in a way that is surprising, yet not entirely unexpected. But naturally, for everything that’s cinematic and Marvel-related, the act of getting there was more complex than it should have been. Chances are you already to suspect what is it, but just in case …

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After defeating Carnage (Woody Harrelson), Eddie and Venom take a break watching a Spanish soap opera at the hotel while Eddie asks if his gooey friend is keeping a secret. Venom casually discovers that as a symbiote of his people he has a collective knowledge of the mind in a hive that stretches through thousands of universes and …reality and that Eddie’s mind could not bear the experience. It’s not something you just say without corroborating, though, so Venom decides to make a solid Eddie and demonstrate. But before that can even happen, everything moves around them and they are in a completely different hotel room. And they watch on television as J. Jonah Jameson reveals the identity of Spider-Man as Peter Parker in the last moments Spider-Man: Far from home. Then Venom growls curiously, “That guy …” and licks the TV with Peter’s face. (Gross.)

Yes, so Venom is now in MCU, and he set his teeth on Peter. In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, director Andy Serkis revealed that the status of the wall caterpillar in the film itself is everywhere, even before he applied. “There were times when Spider-Man was potentially supposed to be in the story, and then it wasn’t … It couldn’t have been faster if you tried,” he laughed.

Serkis has always been aware that the meeting between Peter and Eddie is doomed, and in the past he said it was something you should build over time. Although he had previously wanted to “explore the verse of Venom” as much as possible, it was not possible for him to set foot forever. Adding that connection between the two characters began in earnest while they were filming. He added: “The inevitable debates had to be conducted, but it was only very late that we came to a precise idea of ​​the teaser we wanted to put there.”

Does that mean Venom will show up and randomly jump in Peter Spider-Man: No Way Home come in December?? Serkis doesn’t say, but that means it’s easier for Venom and Spidey start hanging out when their schedules allow it. Let’s hope the heads stay intact.

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