Venom 2 post-credit scene Sony confirmed as a big shock

Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) holds a flashlight in a dark scene from Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage

Eddie Brock is looking Venom 2 traces.
Image: Sony Pictures

Film studios are usually afraid films with surprising post-credit sequences, but obviously not Sony 2021. Earlier today, rumors about it started circulating on the internet one such scene in the sequel to the studio Marvel superhero, Venom: Let there be a massacre– and by the afternoon, the studio had turned a tweet about it into a joint post on social media on its official account.

“I have never seen an entire cinema as loud as they have in my life Venom 2 the end of the loan, ”it says tweet from user Eman Kellam, an actor, rapper and Youtuber residing in England. “Sony delivered.” Sony then turned this into its own marketing of tweet marketing tickets.

Here’s the weird thing about all of this: Press interviews for Venom: Let there be a massacre they took place all week, and the screening attended by io9 had no scene after the credit. In fact, journalists are still under embargo not to do so they share their thoughts on the film, either in a review or through social media. So somehow this special feeling – from the actor – not only bypasses any studio embargo, but does one thing (most) social media users try not to work: discuss spoilers.

Still, this obviously creates a bunch of excitement and interest in the film. Fans are already excited to see this the return of Tom Hardy Venom and full film debut of Woody Harrelson’s Carnage, a long-awaited fan favorite from Marvel Comics. Now, however, there is this extra layer. What exactly happens at the end of the credit scene? If you look at the answers to that tweet, a few people claim to know them, and there are many other tweets and Reddit threads about it. If you’re curious, you can read beyond our spoiler warning, but keep in mind that this is an unconfirmed rumor. io9 has contacted Sony to see if there are any additional comments.

The image for the article called Venom 2 has a shocking sequence after the loan, and Sony wants you to know that

According to rumors, the scene sees Eddie Brock and Venom watching television. There is nothing on that TV other than … Tom Holland as Spider-Man, confirming that Venom exists in the same universe as Marvel / Sony Spider-Man movies and, further, the Marvel movie universe. This is not a very surprising scene after the credit from the director Andy Serkis admitted it waiting for the fans to settle. But, if true, this could be the beginning of some very exciting things.

We’ll have more about that Venom: Let there be a massacre in the coming weeks. The movie opens only in cinemas October 1.

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