Valeo New LiDAR Gen 3, and Valeo NFL, to launch autonomous driving

Like other major OEMs and carmakers, Valeo has decided to reduce its personal presence at CES 2022. The press conference will now be held virtually on CES Press Day (January 4) at 9 a.m. Pacific time.

One of top leaders in the ADAS market, Valeo will present its latest LiDAR technologies during the fair.

LiDAR for scanning the third generation Valeo

A month ago, Valeo announced its all-new third-generation LiDAR for scanning, a key technology that enables ADAS and autonomous driving. Today, Vale’s laser scanning LiDAR 3rd Gen debuted at CES before it hit the market in 2024 (watch the video above, the LiDAR demo movie starts at 1 min 39).

According to the company, the laser allows the new LiDAR to detect objects located 200+ meters from the sensor, invisible to the human eye, cameras and radars. LiDAR adapts to all light conditions, from extremely bright to completely black. Moreover, the innovative detection system is able to measure the density of raindrops to calculate the right braking distance on wet roads.

Valeo, which designs the entire system (hardware, software and related AI), claims that its third-generation LiDAR reconstructs a real-time 3D image of the car’s environment with a computing power of 4.5 million pixels per second and a frame rate of 25 fps. Compared to the previous generation, the resolution is 12 times higher, the range is 3 times higher, and the viewing angle is 2.5 times higher.

Valeo LiDAR algorithms manage emergencies by autonomously predicting the paths of surrounding vehicles and initiating collision avoidance maneuvers. Just like some of the competing ADAS technologies, the new Valeo LiDAR Gen 3 drives autonomous level 2 and higher driving, including on the highway at speeds up to 130 km / h.

What sets Valeo apart from its competitor and market pioneer, Velodyne, is its ability to mass produce LiDAR for scanning on an industrial scale. In early 2021, due to Velodyne’s problems with mass production, Hyundai allegedly switched to Vale’s LiDAR for its autonomous Genesis G90 Level 3 vehicle, despite investing over $ 54.3 million in the Velodyne.

The first-tier car supplier claims to have produced over 150,000 units and that 99% of cars equipped with a LiDAR scanner worldwide are equipped with Valeo LiDAR scanners.

Today, the competitive battle in the LiDAR industry focuses on cost reduction, with a number of key players emerging in recent years, including Robosense, Hesai, Livox, Innoviz and Luminar Technologies.

Vale’s new NFL LiDAR with 360°, close view

Accompanying his long-range brother, Valeo is launching the Valeo NFL, a LiDAR dedicated to near vision. Valeo NFL aims to equip droids and robots with a close field of 360°, a computer vision that creates a security sphere around the vehicle. Autonomous devices will be able to move around while keeping away from pedestrians, animals and other obstacles.

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