Use the new Apple Watch Series 7 cable for faster charging

It might look the same, but the Apple Watch Series 7 charger is better.
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If you’ve already ordered the great new Apple Watch Series 7, be sure to use the charging cable that comes with it to enjoy higher charging speeds.

Apple’s latest wearable device charges 33% faster than its predecessors. But you won’t get the benefits of this upgrade if you charge it with an older Apple Watch charger (or a power adapter that isn’t strong enough).

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The Apple Watch Series 7 requires a new cable for faster charging

While the charging cable for the Apple Watch 7 looks exactly the same as any other Apple Watch charger, it seems to be actually a little different on the inside. It also has a new name: Apple Watch Magnetic Fast Charger.

This new cable, which comes with the Apple Watch 7 – or can be purchased from Apple for $ 29 if you need a replacement – is needed if you want to enjoy the higher charging speeds available on the latest model.

You will also need a suitable USB-C power adapter. Apple obviously recommends its own 20-watt plug for $ 19, but a third-party alternative will work just fine — as long as it delivers at least 20 watts of power.

If you’re using an old Apple Watch charger or a slower power adapter, then you won’t notice any improvement in charging speed on the new Apple Watch. Keep that in mind when you unpack the upgrade on Friday.

Insert a 20W power adapter into the adapter

If you don’t already own a 20W USB-C power adapter, we recommend checking out the neat little PowerBuddy SwitchEasy, which is currently on sale for just $ 15.99 (below $ 19.99) through the Cult of Mac Store.

Alternatively, there are many great options on Amazon, like this one from Ugreen which currently costs only $ 9.99, and these two packages from Anchor at a price of $ 23.99.

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