UPS blames new MacBook Pro for delays due to ‘mechanical failures’

Pre-orders for the MacBook Pro have been postponed until December. Apple has sent emails to some MacBook Pro customers notifying them of delivery delays. UPS is now informing some MacBook Pro owners that “mechanical failures” have caused an unexpected delay.

The first series of MacBook Pro pre-orders is expected to reach customers on October 26. All they received was an email from Apple informing them of the delay. As mentioned earlier, emails say the delivery date has been moved to December. However, there is no mention of why deliveries were delayed.

UPS is one of Appleā€™s main delivery partners. The transportation and logistics company sent post-mail to MacBook Pro customers. This main reason for the delay was especially a mechanical failure. “A mechanical failure caused a delay.” He adds: “We will update the delivery date as soon as possible.”

Customers tracking orders have learned that their MacBook Pro has returned to China after it left the country. To be more precise, items are stuck in Shanghai, Seoul and South Korea. The UPS statement is open. A mechanical failure could be connected to the plane and rectified before we know it.

Our Take

The global consumer electronics market is shaking due to a shortage of chips. The crippled supply chain led to a delay in the delivery date for the electronics. Apple seems to be making good progress when it comes to meeting customer requirements. The MacBook Pro is already available in some Apple Stores, so a delay to chip shortage can therefore be ruled out.

[via Apple Insider]

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