United Airlines announces the integration of Apple Health for verifiable records of vaccination against COVID-19

United Airlines is using Apple Health’s integration for a feature that will help passengers set up records of vaccinations against COVID-19. The company announced today that it is integrating with Apple Health to allow travelers to use their verifiable COVID-19 vaccination records stored at Apple Health as proof of pre-trip vaccination.

Depending on where you are traveling or leaving, you may need to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 and / or a negative COVID-19 test result before traveling. What United Airlines announces today aims to significantly simplify this process for vaccination records against COVID-19.

United Airlines explains how this feature works:

  • Users for upcoming trips that require proof of vaccination can visit the Travel Center ready in the iOS app United
  • Customers can choose to download vaccine documentation
  • Users can then click “Upload” and then “Share your SMART health card”
  • The Apple Health app will automatically open and ask users for permission to share their verifiable vaccination information with United
  • Once confirmed, vaccination records will be automatically loaded, checked in the United system, and records will be kept until they complete their travels.

This should make it much easier for travelers to confirm their vaccination status against COVID-19 before traveling, by managing everything via the United app and the Apple Health app.

The verifiable health records in the Health application are based on the SMART Health Cards specification, so whether you take advantage of this implementation depends on whether your healthcare provider and state have adopted the SMART Health Cards platform. Apple explains:

With iOS 15, users can download and store verifiable health records, including COVID-19 vaccination and test results, in the Health app. Verifiable health records in the Health application are based on the SMART Health Cards specification. Users can choose to share verifiable health records stored in the Health app with approved third-party applications that request this information, such as airlines, event venues, and other businesses that facilitate personal interactions.

In iOS 15.1, which is available to developers and public beta testers, Apple goes a step further with support for adding vaccination cards to the Apple Wallet app.

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