Ubisoft will start adding NFT to its games

Sometimes, in order to attract players to pre-order games or participate in special events, developers offer unique collectible cosmetics for items and characters in the game. However, Ubisoft seems to be taking things to a whole new level by announcing that it will bring NFT into the game for Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

For those unfamiliar, NFTs are known as irreplaceable tokens. They are essentially digital assets that use blockchain technology, the same technology behind cryptocurrency, to serve as a book that officially says who owns this particular digital asset.

According to Ubisoft, the introduction of NFT, which they call Digits, is an “experiment” and they claim that they will be the first to introduce NFT in the triple A game. These NFTs will be collected and managed through a new platform the company is launching called Ubisoft Quartz.

In a company statement, “Each digit is a unique collector’s item that has its own serial number that others can see in the game, and also tracks its current and previous owners for years to come, making players an integral part of the game’s history.” They also reassure players that their NFTs are environmentally sustainable.

This is because it relies on the Tezos blockchain, which uses the “proof of stake” method compared to the “proof of work” method currently used by Ethereum. Ubisoft says that one transaction on Tezos uses approximately the same amount of energy as streaming 30 seconds of video.

Given this, collectible items in the game that can be traded and sold are not new. We’ve seen games like CS: GO and Dota 2 where cosmetic items can be sold to other players for real money, although in this case Ubisoft takes advantage of the current popularity surrounding NFT.

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