Uber’s security audio recording feature arrives in the United States

has multiple security features for the platform. The company already allows drivers and passengers in 14 countries to record the sound of their rides, and now this feature is coming to the US as well. It will begin later this month in three U.S. cities.

Before entering the car, drivers will see in the Uber app if their driver has turned on – you can cancel the ride if you do not want it to be recorded. You can record sound by tapping the shield button on the app folder screen and selecting Record Audio. Anyone can record individual trips, and drivers have the choice to leave the feature turned on all the time while they are available to drive.

Although the recordings are stored on the driver’s and driver’s devices, they will not be able to listen to them. The recordings are encrypted and Uber says it cannot be accessed unless the driver or the driver submits a safety report with an audio file attached. The security agent can decrypt and listen to the recording when reviewing the report, and then take appropriate action if necessary.

Uber in Latin America two years ago. He says nearly 70 percent of drivers and drivers surveyed in Rio de Janeiro feel safer when using it.

In addition, Uber plans to remind drivers to tie up seatbelt warning warnings at the start of the trip. The driver’s phone will provide an audio reminder and the driver will see a notification on his device. Uber says it will introduce this feature in the United States in early 2022.

On top of that, Uber has upgraded its RideCheck feature, which uses GPS and sensors in the driver’s phone to detect possible collisions and abnormally long stops. This feature can now identify when a trip unexpectedly takes a different route or ends before a destination entered by the driver into the app.

If RideCheck indicates a possible problem, Uber will use a notification to ask the driver and the driver if everything is OK. If not, I can touch or report the problem to Uber.

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