Tyler Wanlass is Buffer’s vice president of design

I’m glad I can share that Tyler Wanlass he recently became Buffer’s vice president of design. 🎉

Tyler has been on the Buffer team for more than five years, originally joining as a product manager before moving on to our first head of design.

Throughout 2020, as we hired a new product manager, Tyler, meanwhile, took on that role and did an amazing job. I was impressed that he juggled so much, acted at a high level and contributed layers from the management team to the individual level 1: 1 with the members of the product team. He managed the Product very well, introduced new processes and harmonization and put things in a fantastic place for Maria, our CPO, will take us to a new level. Since working with Maria, he has established a strong partnership and together they have already achieved some amazing milestones as well as together they have brought new energy to our approach to the whole product.

The key thinking I’ve had over the past six months is that we at Buffer have always talked about the Product being at the heart of Buffer. We are truly a product-driven organization, putting the Product at the center of everything we do. We don’t have a sales team, and much of our growth comes through word of mouth based on our customers ’experiences. With this in mind, it began to occur to me that two product managers, Maria and Tyler, within the management team would be the most appropriate structure to thrive and help us create the right balance and approach to strategy over time. The vice president of design is not the role we previously had in Buffer, and in these first few months she felt completely natural and very influential. This decision reflects the importance we attach to innovation and product quality, which is fundamental to many of the results we stand for.

I am grateful for everything Tyler does for Buffer and our clients. Tyler has been a great partner in some big decisions this year. I believe customers and all of us at Buffer are better because of Tyler’s significant contribution.

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