Twitter shares a first look at the upcoming NFT integration for profile pictures

Amid a variety of new updates and features in development, Twitter is also working to keep growing interest in NFTs, which have seen digital artworks take on a new life of their own, generating billions in sales as users want to buy the piece’s most exclusive content. basically can be used as status symbols on social networks.

No doubt you’ve noticed this yourself, as many Twitter users have changed profile pictures to portraits of animated monkeys, cats, trolls and a wide range of other creations.

It’s one way for users to show off their latest digital art purchases, but Twitter actually wants to make connecting more directly — take a look at this initial model of what it looks like to help users view their NFTs.

As you can see in this video, which was posted by Twitter Head of Consumer Product Marketing Justin Taylor, the new process would allow Twitter users to link their digital wallet, which would then allow a direct link between users and their NFT buying activities. This would then allow Twitter to provide a mark of authenticity and / or ownership on all displayed NFTs (‘Ethereum tick’ as Twitter calls it), as you can see in the last view, with a symbol on the NFT image noting that it is in fact in owned by the account holder.

Twitter is also developing a new ‘Collectible’ tab, where users will be able to display their proprietary NFTs to profile visitors (also note the ‘Reactions’ tab instead of ‘Likes’, which is linked to Twitter’s Tweet Reactions experiment).

It’s an interesting experiment, which, as already mentioned, builds on what Twitter users are doing with NFTs anyway. The focus on NFTs as avatars is also linked to the development of the Metaverse concept, with these representative images likely to extend to digital characters that can then be used in other virtual applications as a form of identity.

And since these are one-off works, no one else is technically able to use exactly the same character model, while the element of exclusivity can also increase your digital credibility — like a checked tick, but for those who are really in touch with digital shifts (or just the rich) .

Twitter isn’t the only platform experimenting with NFT display options, and Instagram is also developing a similar profile display option for your owned NFTs, while Facebook is also investing heavily in the broader Metaverse concept, which ties in with the same themes.

In the case of Facebook, this is more likely to include the aforementioned fully functional digital avatars based on these images, or a virtual display of NFT artwork in, say, virtual reality, but the impetus is largely the same, linking to the latest emerging content indicating trends to the next big platform change.

Twitter hasn’t yet started testing this new live view option, but it already relies on cryptocurrencies to pay, and it seems to fit in with growing trends in the app.

It could be a popular option – expect to see it in the wild soon.

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