Twitter is testing new creative tweet options as it seems to be moving in line with user trends

No one cared about Fleets, Twitter’s view of the social story trend, but as part of its announcement when it shut down the option back in July, Twitter noted it would strive include Fleets elements in other areas of the application, who has already seen the addition of new camera options and editing tools.

And this could be the next step, with new Twitter testing ‘Quote tweet with reaction’ option which would allow users to record a response to a tweet via full screen camera mode.

As you can see in this example, which is shared by the application explorer Alessandro Paluzzi, as it currently stands (not yet in live testing), the new option would provide another way to facilitate direct, visual engagement via tweets, by attaching the original tweet as a sticker to your captured image or video, which would ideally help extend the platform beyond basic textual responses.

Twitter is also testing updated text editing option for tweets, which would allow you to add more color and visual presence to your comments.

Twitter text editor

The focus is, again, on more visual, engaging responses, and since Twitter also now displays full-size images in feeds, each could be a great way to increase engagement and interaction, and shift tweeters ’behavior toward more creative, colorful sharing processes.

The larger visual format is also in line with Twitter’s updated look for Explore, which is also currently under testing, allowing users to vertically scroll through tweets across the screen to keep up with the latest updates.

Twitter Explore test

That user interface, apparently inspired by TikTok, is Twitter’s attempt to align with evolving trends in social media usage. And while Fleets, with its similar full-screen display, has failed to grab users’ attention, perhaps these options could add more ways to use tweet creatives and generate more response to increase engagement and spark increased interest in alternative screen uses.

Which Twitter would like to determine continues its path to 315 million active users by 2023. This is the growth goal that the platform stated back in February, as part of its Analysts Day presentation. And while the company has undergone a change of management since that presentation, new CEO Parag Agrawal said he is committed to achieving his aforementioned goals, which also includes a significant increase in revenue over the same period.

Twitter Analyst Day

Which means Agrawal has to make some big decisions, on several fronts.

Is Twitter Spaces popular and worthy of its in-app card? Is Twitter Blue tempting enough as a subscription package to make people pay in the long run? Does Twitter work enough with its professional profiles and tools for creators and are there more opportunities to explore on each one?

These are just some of the innovations that Twitter introduced over the past year, as part of an increased focus on development. And while more things are really being started and tested, the real value of each seems limited, at least in their current forms.

Is there anything else for everyone that can really increase their use or will Agrawal take things in a whole new direction in the new year?

Maybe these new tweet display options are just the beginning of the company’s next big shift, which could see it move more towards visual engagement and make video a bigger focus in 2022.

It will be interesting to see what kind of influencer Jack Dorsey actually had in that regard and how the company wants to progress in its next era.

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