Twitter is testing advanced search tools for instant messaging

Twitter seems to be working on it the next stage of searching for instant messages, with a new DM content search option located in the application’s background code.

As you can see in this example, published by the application researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, Twitter seems to be developing a more advanced message search option, which would allow you to search all your DM messages for specific keywords or mentions, helping you sort your conversations by specific topics.

Which would be a big step forward in updating the DM search ‘Search for People and Groups’ added by Twitter back in 2019, which allows you to find DM chats based on the usernames of those involved.

Which is handy, but not as helpful as contextual search, providing the ability to filter your DMs based on mentions and keywords, greatly improving the search process.

Twitter has experimented with more advanced DM search functions in the past, such as searching for common media and links in a particular DM thread.

But the ability to search by message content would be the most significant development. There are, of course, privacy considerations that must be considered within such a process, but keyword search for DM text would be a useful addition, which could make Twitter DMs a more useful tool.

It could also be a good addition to your customer support efforts on Twitter. Providing more search tools could help simplify your DM response – for example, you could search all users who have asked a question about a product and provide relevant updates as soon as they arrive.

There are a number of ways it can be used. For now, we have no more information to talk about, and that could be far from becoming a reality. But Twitter seems to want to improve its DM search tools soon.

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