Twitter is showing new concepts for filtering and restricting responses

Twitter has been trying to limit the toxic responses you can get on its website by giving you tools that allow you to be more proactive in preventing them from passing. In the future, these tools could include a feature that allows you to filter out potentially offensive responses and another that allows you to limit responses to potentially unwanted accounts. Paula Barcante, senior product designer on Twitter released a brief overview of the functions, which are currently only concepts, for requesting input from users.

Barcante says Twitter will ask you if you want to turn on those controls if it detects potentially harmful responses to your tweets. If your response filter is turned on, Twitter won’t show you or anyone else – other than the user who wrote the response – the harmful tweets it detects. If you choose to restrict unsolicited accounts, users who have recently shown policy violations will not be able to respond to your tweets at all.

Because the process would be automated, Barcante acknowledges that it may not always be accurate and may end up filtering out even appropriate, undisputed problems. That’s why the company is also exploring the possibility of giving you the ability to view filtered tweets and restricted accounts. Of course, the final iterations of the tool could look very different from these reviews if they are published anyway.

Asked whether by including a response filter, they would filter all tweets from the account or just a tweet that the website rated as potentially offensive, Barcante has not yet received an answer. She said what she showed was just “an early concept that requires testing and repetition” and that Twitter would give more details if she decided to run the tools.

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