Twitter is publishing a calendar of major events for 2022 to help with your marketing plans

This will help you plan for 2022.

In the midst of the current pandemic, mapping an effective strategy was virtually impossible, in all businesses, because with all the changes, we never know what goes back to normal and what doesn’t, and how each of these reopens or cancellations will then change subsequent behavior and activity. consumer.

The events are big – in the past two years we have become more and more familiar with the small print on the tickets and the refund policies for personal events, because you never know until the last moment what is actually happening. .

This makes planning your social media campaigns challenging, as there is no point in planning your CES tweet schedule if CES is then canceled, which costs you money and time.

For social media marketers, this has made things much more fluid, which is why Twitter has also changed its approach to its annual event calendars, opting to host a variable list that can be edited online, instead of a printed or PDF document that you can download and create from it.

Twitter’s 2022 planning calendar is now available this link, and while some events will continue to be added and removed throughout the year, it is a handy companion for your planning and strategy.

As you can see here, Twitter’s planner outlines all the key dates and important events for each month, with a list of things currently planned to continue.

Of course, you should check all the conferences and sporting events individually, to make sure they are actually held. But the list provides a solid reference guide for all the key opportunities to link your social media campaigns throughout the year.

Moreover, Twitter published regional calendars of events for Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Japan, MENA, Mexico, SEA, Spain i UK.

It’s a great resource, worth celebrating for your planning – and even if things change, it’s still good to know what’s planned to better outline your approach.

Pair that with Twitter’s comprehensive marketing guide for 2022 and you’ll have almost everything you need to build a solid Twitter strategy.

You can check out Twitter’s 2022 marketing calendar here.

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