Twitter is opening apps for professional profiles, a new option for brands and creators

Twitter is moving to the next stage with its new professional profiles opening the possibility to all companies, with open applications to access the new profile view.

As you can see in this sequence, businesses and professional users (including creators) can now sign up via this form to get a new professional profile on Twitter, which will then display their business information on the profile page, while providing the ability to include the ‘Shop’ module ‘or’ Newsletter ‘for those who have a Revue newsletter.

Twitter Professional Profile module options

It’s a bit awkward at the moment, as professional users can’t manually edit their “O” data after submitting it (you have to resubmit the login form to change the information displayed). Still, it’s another significant step for Twitter, which could open up a range of possibilities.

As he explained Twitter:

“We know people come to Twitter to interact with brands and talk about products and services. All of this requirement gives us confidence in the power of combining real-time conversations with enhanced features for professionals with the goal of better controlling and improving their identity on Twitter. ”

Twitter has been testing its professional profiles since April, and selected brands are participating in the initial beta program. Twitter then started inviting more businesses to sign up earlier this month, and now wants to move on to the next phase, with all the professionals and companies now able to sign up for new display tools.

In addition to the new profile options, Twitter also notes that professional accounts are:

“… access to a wide range of professional tools not available to non-professionals, including our Twitter ads, quick promotion, advanced profile features and our future shopping efforts.”

This last element is probably the most important, and Twitter is working to develop its e-commerce tools to provide brands with more ways to sell their products in a stream.

Indeed, Twitter is conducting a series of shopping experiments, both from profiles and from individual tweets, and this could become an increasingly relevant option, especially as other platforms develop their own e-commerce offerings, leading to more common shopping behavior within social apps.

And while only three additional professional profile modules are currently available, Twitter is working on others, with a few add-ons that could provide more promotional opportunities for brands.

Twitter Professional profile modules

The new details could also provide greater search and discovery capacity, with a business category, location and opening hours provide better insight to help Twitter improve its connection and facilitation efforts.

The question is whether Twitter will eventually change access to professional profiles to limit the reach of tweets, as Facebook has done with its business pages. Finally, Facebook has reduced page reach to ensure that users display more friend content in their feeds, aligning with user demand – which, in turn, has encouraged more businesses to spend more money on ads to complement their less and less access to their ads. Facebook audience.

Twitter could do the same, with a separate categorization of professionals and regular profiles that facilitate all new opportunities in this area. It seems less likely to be the focus of Twitter, especially since brands have been present on the platform for so long (reducing the argument that they hinder engagement). But still, technically it would be possible, which could be another consideration in your approach to updating.

On the other hand, Twitter could also, ultimately, make brands a mandatory change, and with simplified access to various business analytics and platform promotion tools, there are ways Twitter could further encourage brands to update, and could be valuable in in that respect.

It’s hard to say now, but for those who want to go to another page, you can now sign up for a Twitter professional profile via this pattern. Twitter says it will expand access to this option over the next month.

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