Twitter is officially launching a test of full-width images and videos on iOS

After testing it internally in the last few months, Twitter has now done so launched test live your new, full-width visual screen for tweets in the stream, which will see tweeted images, GIFs and videos that will take up most of the tweet’s display and remove the rounded corners of the current screen.

As you can see here, the new visual format will take over the entire horizontal space in the tweet feed, which will highlight your shared images and videos with solid blocks of visuals in the app.

As Twitter explains:

“By reducing the margins on Tweets, we can make better use of the space on Tweet to focus on your message and what you have to say, and we would revive the timeline with larger photos and videos. This test explores how we can support conversations in all their forms by giving tweets with photos, videos and text more room to shine. ”

As noted, Twitter has been testing the updated display format with a reverse engineering expert for some time Jane Manchun Wong sharing this picture of the testing process back in July.

At first glance, it looks better – but again, it also feels a bit like Facebook, and could be considered removing some of the difference in the platform, especially by removing the rounded corners on the current screen.

Here’s a comparison of new and current formats, using an image posted by the artist @arbacn.

Update image format on Twitter

It seems like an improvement, but it will also encourage rethinking of how you use images in your tweets and how users react to them, which could be a new consideration for digital marketers and artists.

Twitter has been trying to develop new elements of the visual display, which began with a fleet experiment, with Twitter noting as part of the recent fleet closure that it will seek to incorporate some elements of the fleet process into other aspects of the platform:

People enjoy quickly sharing photos and videos to add to a discussion on Twitter. We will soon be testing Tweet composer and camera updates to include Fleets composer features — like a full-screen camera, text formatting capabilities, and GIF labels. ”

This seems to be the first iteration of these tests, which could be the next stage in a broader redesign of the Twitter camera tool – which could ultimately provide more options for image composition in the app.

Perhaps the next step will be to see full-screen images available via tweets and add story-like visual tools, such as stickers, to add additional features to Twitter in that regard.

Anyway, it’s a bit of a time, with the new test only in the first, limited phase. Twitter says so the update will currently only be available in iOS, with the extension for Android planned in the near future.

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