Twitter is launching initial testing of the live shopping stream

YouTube does that, as does Instagram, as well as Facebook, TikTok and Pinterest too – and now Twitter is becoming the latest social networking app to dip its fingers into live shopping, in the hope of maximizing e-commerce activity through the immediacy and engagement of retail shows.

As you can see in this example, Twitter’s variation of live stream purchase will allow users to engage in live streaming, with the purchase options shown below the video feed. The presentation, as it currently stands, will allow users to engage in a live tweet discussion about the event or look at the ‘Store’ tab where all the products featured in the broadcast are located.

The option benefits both the growth of online commerce and the benefits of a real-time engagement platform. And soon we will see for the first time how it works in practice.

As he explains Twitter:

We are conducting our first Live Shopping test in collaboration with Walmart, where Cyber ​​Week will begin with singer, songwriter, dancer and social media superstar Jason Derul for the first live broadcast ever available on Twitter. Starting at 19:00 ET on Sunday, November 28, people can watch and shop from @Walmart (on iOS and desktop), where Jason will host a 30-minute stage with an emphasis on electronics, household items, clothing, seasonal decor, special surprise guests and more. ”

Walmart was thrilled with the next wave of digital commerce initiatives, having already teamed up with TikTok and Snapchat on their various in-stream purchases.

It will be interesting to see what kind of response the company will get to the same on Twitter, where it is so far 1.2 million followers, with the proviso that the results could potentially represent some sort of benchmark for other brands considering the same.

Twitter has been developing a number of shopping options over the past year, and the launch of a live test of its upcoming Shop for Business Profiles module back in July represents a major step forward in its progress.

Twitter shop module

The module is one of several that Twitter is developing for its new ‘Professional Profiles’, which are also now being tested live, and will eventually allow Twitter to facilitate more engagement in the brand stream, helping to increase referral traffic directly from your tweet. activity.

It is difficult to say how successful the purchase will be in the application. Twitter has previously tested on-the-go shopping tools, with testing of the purchase card on certain profiles in 2015, as well as Collections of products and places‘, which has enabled some senior users to promote products in a special section.

Example of product collections and places on Twitter

None of them seemed to get caught, which eventually led to Twitter disbanding its 2017 trading team and reducing its e-commerce efforts.

But now, amid the rise of online shopping, and with the platform’s renewed focus on innovation, now is the time to try again, and with live trade eliciting a strong response in China, Western social platforms see great potential to attach to the same trend to maximize their own capabilities product exposure.

The immediacy and interactive benefits of live streaming, combined with e-commerce, could help Twitter take the next step, and it will be interesting to see what the development of the option will look like and whether Twitter users are open to the new experience.

In addition, Twitter also notes that it is expanding its Shop Module test with select retailers in the U.S., while also seeking to introduce improved catalog entry and management processes to make it easier for them to do the same.

Eventually, they will all link to professional platform profiles, which could provide another way to promote and sell your products in progress.

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