Twitter is launching free spaces on Android, now available to all U.S. users on iOS

After giving the opportunity to select iOS users for the first time in August, Twitter is now making the bookmark space available to all iOS users in the United States, while that option is now being extended to Android broadcasters, providing another in-app monetization option.

As you can see in these screenshots, Ticketed Spaces allows Spaces hosts to set the ticket price for their shows, with 97% of the revenue generated then returned to the creator. This is reduced to 80% once an individual creator reaches $ 50,000 in total earnings (cumulatively in all subscribed spaces and super followers), but it’s still great potential to make real money from their in-app audio streams, with multiple users now able to access option.

In order to qualify for tickets with tickets, hosts must be over 18 years of age and host three premises in the previous 30 days prior to application. Hosts must also have at least 1,000 followers on Twitter to succeed.

The expansion builds on Twitter’s audio-social movement, which includes adding a new Spaces tab, which also extends to more users, while Twitter also seeks to improve Spaces ’discovery with new topic tags that help highlight relevant shows, in reality time potentially interested users.

Spaces theme tags

The program’s expansion could help Twitter retain some of its best audio talent, giving them an extra boost to broadcast in-app. Premises can also provide greater reach and exposure potential than the Clubhouse, which could also lead to even higher revenue, which is another key lure for potential broadcasters in the app.

It is too early to say whether Spaces will become an essential element in Twitter. Much of the early turmoil over functionality has now subsided, and while it serves a purpose and can provide significant value in some respects, it is unclear whether users will care about the audio system in the long run, especially after COVID restrictions are lifted and people can return to regular social meetings, reducing the need for an internet connection.

But again, there are some valuable use cases, and Twitter is also investing in the creators of Spaces because it looks like it will encourage the download of this option and squeeze all the value out of live audio rooms.

We’ll see if that remains a thing — but in any case, providing greater monetization opportunities can only help increase broadcaster takeovers.

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