Twitter is launching a Twitter Spaces ‘Spark’ program to fund and support audio creators

Twitter looks set to make new advances in its Spaces audio audio product, with the expansion of the Spaces tab, improved in-app broadcast detection, and the launch of a new Spark Support Initiative to support creative audio talent.

As he explained Twitter

The Twitter Spaces Spark program is a three-month acceleration initiative designed to discover and reward great Spaces on Twitter with financial, technical and marketing support. We are looking for emerging creators who are passionate about the social audio format live and interested in creating repetitive programs on Spaces. ”

Which is very similar to Clubhouse Creator Accelerator, while TikTok has also implemented its own Creator Fund, as well as Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.

In other words, all major platforms now want to provide more support and assistance to creators, in order to build their content ecosystems and keep their best talents aligned with their applications. Twitter has also launched a series of creator monetization initiatives for the same purpose, with this new program focusing on audio creators as it seeks to extract everything it can from Spaces and audio streaming.

Although Twitter had to forget that Facebook’s development platform for AR is also called “Spark”, which also has its own funding initiative. Or it didn’t matter. Probably the latter.

Twitter’s Spark program will allow selected participants $ 2,500 per month, along with ad credits and custom space swaps. They will also be able to connect with the Spaces development team and gain early access to new features, while Twitter will also be able to promote their broadcast via the handles of its brand.

There will also be opportunities for ‘priority detection within the app for rooms that are performing well’. Which probably means that Twitter will try to show those shows at the top of the Spaces tab, which could help the creators build their audience and get more effort in their efforts.

Interestingly, Twitter also notices, inside program overview, that he is particularly interested in candidates who ‘have an established show in social sound on other platforms’.

I mean, it makes sense, but it’s interesting to see Twitter want to catch top talent from other platforms (* cough * Clubhouse) as part of its expansion plan.

It is too early to say whether live audio streams will become a more significant element of the Twitter experience, or were a passing fad, spurred by Clubhouse’s sudden rise, but will likely follow a similar trajectory as live video streaming, becoming less engaging and interesting over time.

Of course, live streaming is still somewhat popular and still has specific uses, so that wouldn’t be the worst outcome for audio streaming. But after a lot of noise, video streams became less and less appealing, causing most dedicated streaming apps, including its own Twitter Periscope, to shut down due to a lack of interest.

Can Spaces become a more significant element than Periscope in the Twitter ecosystem and provide new opportunities for growth, in different ways, for the app?

Spaces, however, seems to have replaced Clubhouse as the leading audio social app, while Facebook is also continuing to develop its audio broadcasting tools as it seems to be keeping up with the trend.

Which app will win in the end and get the most out of audio social networks? Again, you’d have to say that Twitter is currently in the lead — but whether enough Twitter users will remain interested, in the long run, we won’t know for a while.

To be eligible for the first phase of the Twitter Spaces Spark program, you must be based in the United States and have more than 5,000 followers in the app. You also have to commit to hosting at least two spaces a week – more information here.

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