Twitter is expanding access to professional profiles and ticket spaces

Twitter wants to stay on its feet as a development accelerator, with the expansion of two new projects that will provide more opportunities for brands and creators in the app.

First, Twitter is now inviting more businesses to sign up for a professional profile test, which allows brands to display more business information in a dedicated, additional profile space in the app.

As you can see in this example, professional Twitter profiles add several new display elements to your Twitter presence, including entering a business location (which people can tap to open it on Google Maps), business hours, and contact information, all in a new module below the main profile view.

Twitter launched the first testing of professional profiles back in April, and now more and more companies are receiving such notifications in their inbox.

Email for Twitter professional profiles

This could indicate that the option is getting closer to full implementation, and with Twitter as well experimenting with new business icons, outlining their sector, the next step for this option seems inevitable.

In addition, Twitter is expanding access to Ticketed Spaces, which first opened to public applications in June.

So it is still not available to everyone, but from today more people will have the capacity to host their own paid space, from which they can generate direct income for their efforts.

I mean, he’ll get some. Twitter only takes 3% of the cost for Ticketed Spaces (up to $ 50,000 in total earnings), but app store fees also need to be considered, which will reduce the overall share of creators. For example, on iOS, if you set a ticket price for your space of $ 5, $ 2.80 of each ticket sold will go to you, while 70c will go to Twitter, and $ 1.50 to Apple / Google.

So that’s another element to keep in mind – but even so, it provides another income opportunity and could encourage more people to use Spaces, which seems to have lost some of its initial momentum as the air comes out of audio social networks. trend.

At the same time, it is currently a bit unclear what Twitter will do to further promote the discovery of Spaces.

In the last few months, Twitter has been developing a new, dedicated Apps tab in the app, which would give users an easy way to access at any time. But last week, with the arrival of Communities, she added a different card to that lower slot.

Twitter Spaces vs Communities tab

So will spaces or communities get the last sign? I don’t know, and maybe Twitter doesn’t know either, because three days after the Communities started reviewed another new design for the Spaces card.

Maybe it’s due to the increased speed of development, or it’s all part of a broader plan that Twitter will reveal over time.

In any case, Spaces needs good content for people to come back to, especially if they are going to have trouble finding it. As such, it’s important for Twitter to move into expanding tagged spaces, which will also allow for higher revenue for more creators in the app.

Oh, and there’s this:

I have no idea what this is.

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