Twitter is adding pseudonyms to protect contributors to its Birdwatch fact-checking program

Since the beginning of the year, Twitter has run a pilot program called that allowed fact-checking directly from other Twitter users. It now introduces a way for program participants to hide their identity when they add a note to someone’s tweet. Starting today, the company says it will automatically generate aliases for new Birdwatch users who are not publicly connected to their Twitter accounts.

“We want everyone to feel comfortable contributing to Birdwatch, and pseudonyms allow you to write and rate notes without sharing a username on Twitter,” the company said. He hopes this feature will reduce bias by emphasizing what people write in the notes they leave instead of their identity. , it is said that pseudonyms can also make people feel comfortable when “crossing partisan lines or criticizing their own side with no prospect of peer pressure or retaliation”.

In addition to pseudonyms, Twitter is also launching profile pages that will make it easier to review someone’s past contributions to Birdwatch. The company says it is doing so to ensure that aliases do not come “at the expense of liability”. To that end, each note on someone’s public profile will include the current rating the contribution has earned, letting you know what the community thinks about it. We hope this is something that helps with the program.

For those who joined Birdwatch before today’s announcement, all of their previous contributions will now fall under the new name. Because some people can infer a link between someone’s Birdwatch profile and Twitter username based on fact checks they saw before today’s feature introduction, the company says program participants can send a DM to a Birdwatch account to delete their past contributions.

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