Twitter adds Spaces Replay statistics for recorded shows

Twitter has added some additional context of space insight, with new data on total reruns for recorded spaces that can now be seen by the hosts.

As you can see here, in the details for the recorded Spaces chats, the hosts will now be able to see how many listeners are included in the live stream and how many repetitions of the session it has collected.

This will add more context to your Spaces analytics and help you better plan your strategy, giving you more information on how your audience adjusts after the fact.

Maybe this encourages you to change the broadcast time to better align with a larger audience, or maybe it just gives you more information about your average cumulative audience. Whichever way you use it, a more specific insight into how people are adapting can only help in your broader approach to Spaces and audio connection.

This is, of course, if you use audio tools to connect. After its meteoric rise early last year, the audio social trend has recently died down, although Twitter is still in the development process for Spaces and has yet to finish discovering and amplifying audio sessions.

If Twitter can improve the recommendations on its dedicated Spaces card and better align ongoing broadcasts with user interests, the option could still have significant value, and Twitter is working to make Spaces a more functional, valuable element in the wider tweet experience.

And there are some great shows and broadcasters in the app. They’re just a little harder to find in the midst of clutter and garbage. But Twitter has set a framework for wider adoption of Spaces, and could still improve its systems to make it a more essential tool.

At the same time, it is worth fitting in and checking out what happens when you have the chance. Scrolling through the list of ongoing spaces can be awkward, but if you can find the right ones, with good guests and a solid returning audience, there’s still a lot of potential value, even if it’s no longer a cool new feature.

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