Twitter adds new links to official information on HIV / AIDS in related search queries

Marking World AIDS Day this week (December 12), Twitter announced extending his search help queries to now include HIV-related information, which will show users who search for keywords related to HIV and AIDS new warnings that redirect them to official health resources and information in the app.

As he explains Twitter:

Today we launched another of our global expansions #PostojiHelp Dedicated notification service to search for HIV-related information across Asia and the Pacific and the Americas: Brazil, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, SP-Latam, Taiwan, Thailand and the United States. This notice will provide valuable and relevant resources on HIV and encourage people to turn to and receive help when they need it. ”

Twitter already offers several similar incentives that link to official health information related to mental health and suicide prevention,, vaccination,, sexual exploitation of children, and more.

The new addition comes as health authorities around the world seek to raise awareness about AIDS and HIV, and the infection rate rises during a pandemic.

According to data from Kaiser Family Foundation, done in the last decade, the number of people living with HIV worldwide has risen from 30.7 million in 2010 to 38 million in 2019, while restrictions imposed to slow the spread of COVID-19 have made it difficult for patients to receive adequate treatment in many regions, exacerbating the consequences.

World AIDS Day marks another opportunity to ensure that HIV awareness remains in mind and to reiterate that the fight against the virus is not over, despite significant advances in treatment in recent times.

In addition to this, Twitter is also launching a special red flag hash flag to further raise awareness.

Twitter World AIDS Day

The hash flag, which uses the symbol of World AIDS Day, will be automatically attached to tweets using the relevant hashtag, and will be available from November 24 to December 5.

This is an important impetus for Twitter and health authorities around the world, because similar to climate change, while other, more immediate concerns have dominated global consciousness recently, other, significant societal issues still exist, and still cause major impacts, in many ways , outside the current pandemic.

Again, we may seem to be moving beyond the worst consequences of such, but we will not get rid of them completely until we are all committed to giving our share of awareness and mitigating the risks that can exacerbate proliferation.

World AIDS Day is another reminder of this and the ongoing battle against this devastating disease.

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